Posted by: guinness222 | July 9, 2015

Bring back the draft!!!

While I am definately in the minority, we, as a country, absolutely need to bring back the draft for todays young folks. Why? so they can learn to have respect for others, to dress like human beings should, learn how to make theur bed, wash theeir clothes, and the quintessential reason work is good!
As I am out and about a lot, I am never ceasing to be amazed when, after I think I saw it all yesterday,…and poof! There is something newer and more outrageous today to marvel at! They have figured out how to defy the laws of gravity when it comes to wearing pants in the male domain,…while in the female domain while I’m no prude, and love to see a gorgeous woman in a bikini,….the number of “butterballs” that should be given a ticket for littering the beaches, by just being there, and creating nausea attacks when they cross the road and tie up traffic are no better.
But on the serious side of things, while I can’t tell you exactly how many military bases we have closed around the “hot spots” we’ve had this past year, like Baltimore, Ferguson , New York and Chicago, but what do we do with them, give back to the communities where they are, they fight over who gets what part of it and how much for the next ten years then argue about how to creat an optimal “re-newal plan” and then watch it stagnate for years! All the ” military housing” for our married servicemembers, for the most part will not meet the building codes, (which the military on a military base can be exempt from if they choose), and we wind up bulldozing all of it into the ground, then try and “re-hab” the other facilities and lease them up to start up businesses for next to nothing and squeeze them until they have to pull out and leave.
So where is the “connect” between bring back the draft, and the previous paragraph?
We have the Army, The Navy, The Air Force, and the Marine Corps, as well as the Coast Guard. They have a pretty high bar to evn get accepted into the service, but look at what we waste!!! All those retireing after twenty years in the military are trained, educated, skilled, and know how to take direction, and lead. So they retire and we dump them into society to “figure it out” and with the realization they have at least another twenty to thirty years until they retire. (Not to mention that their military retirement is just augmeenting them until they are 65, not supporting them, so they have to do “something” to support their family.
BRAINSTORM!!!! Why don’t we for another “service” and call it the US Trade and vocational Services. Let’s take these retired military and have them train the rest of our “draftable folks”, teach them discipline, manners, even yes sir, no sir, and basic etiquette.
So we re-open a few of those bases, do a few studies and find out what the best trades, vocations, and opportunities will be for the next thirty years, (and re-do the study every twenty years so it stay s current with the conditions). For example, lets take a very basic simple skill,…cooking. Could we not have recent retiree’ fro mt hmilitary strt training young folks how to cook, for themselves, then as part of the culinary community, for catering, and even a career track to opening your own restaunt. With the government in charge of the Small Business Administration it represents a great potential marriage. An applicant could be enrolled in a two or three year program, six months of classes and then six month “OJT” (On The Job) apprenticeship period at local restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc. By rotating those six month periods better career decisions as well as a better quality worker would be graduated. One who knows responsibility, how to handle finances, ond who knows where they are headed, AND how to get there.
Employers agreeing to hire them for apprenticeships would get a tax break, and the workrs woulld get real life credit and reccomendations “on the front line” of their chosen field.
Just a thought,…..let’s see what trips my trigger to write on tomorrow.

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