Posted by: guinness222 | July 13, 2015

If you are my “friend” DON’T ask me to play games!!!!

I don’t mean to hurt anyones feelings, nor do I fault anyone for playing the “internet games”, i.e Candy Crush, Spelling bee or any others,….BUT please do not invite me. I’m old fashioned person,….I do NOT play games, except Chess, Backgammon, and that’s  because I really like to look my opponent in the eye and study them, and their play style, etc. Call me old fashioned my wife loves Suduko,……me NOT.

I use computers to extend my learning and knowledge, to communicate and to otherwise expand my “base of being” here. Besides I falll on the floor, LMAO everytime that old commercial showing the applicant for the job sitting in front of a VERY stern looking “suit” looking at his resume, and he finally lifts his heaad and fixes the applicant with a hrd gaze and says, “I see here you achieved 850,000 points in “Donkey Kong”,…but aside from that what have you done with your life?”.

If you have spent that much time “Crushing Candy”, and that other stuff, then you must be “wicked smart”, so just for giggles, answer a few questions for me;

1. Name two of the “Founding Fathers” who never signed the Declaration of Independance?

2. When, what year, did the people of the United States first have to pay “income Taxes””?

3. How many 12 oz. “Buds” are there in a keg of beer?

4. Basically aside from seasoning your foot, what was the primary purpose of salt 100 years ago?

5. How many elements are there in the periodic table?

6. Who are the most famous people to have died on the Fourth of July?

7. What are “nappies”?

8. When was the “television” actually invented?

9. Who was the first Host of “The tonight show”?

10. Who was the female singer with “Jefferson Airplane” that sang “White Rabbit” at Woodstock?

Have a nice day crushing Candy, and check in Wednesday for the answers to the above.

BONUS QUESTION!!!!   AS some may have noticed in my blogs, at the end, I always use “-30-” at the end, what does it mean and where did it come from?

You’re still a friend, but knowledge is gained from research, reading, and an inquisative nature.


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