Posted by: guinness222 | June 24, 2016

Boy,…it’s really heating up…worldwide!

While Great Britain yesterday voted by referendum to withdraw from the European Union, the whole cadre of idiot politicians and money managers were swearing ‘doom and gloom’, and today they are making it happen, Dow Jones down over 600 points NASDAQ dropping like a rock,…well, as Gomer Pyle used to. Say,”. ..Shazaam!. But have no doubt, they are achieving their goal of scary Joe Average, investor, retiree, and and “churning” the market! Tomorrow they will be back like a food frenzy of sharks and buy up every stock worth a buck that’s trading below value because of today’s sell Off!!

Anyway, the tone is changing and now June 23, 2016 is fast becoming “Great Britain’s Independance Day’,…..and there is something to that whole process. for example they are now free of domination from Brussels, no longer on the hook for assessments to  bail out Greece, Spain, and others,…free to control their  own monetary system, free to make their own political and economic decisions,…..gee, almost sounds like the poor “Colonists” in 1776,….hmmm!!

More later,…gotta go!





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