Posted by: guinness222 | August 23, 2016

Back to WordPress!!!

Help!!! For a number of years, (actually 15+) I wrote on WordPress FREE site, then I scored a “domain” and began writing on it, “tommyirish” if you’re interested,….but I also have almost a dozen other blogs that I would like to utilize and combine, ….BUT that said at 72 years old, I ‘m not the ” brightest ” nerd in the chandelier, and I need help!

I want to kill off some of my old dead blogs, and re-organize all my blogs back to a two or three button easy access site, be it WordPress or a separate “domain”, but I want to do it so I can just simply write the blogs, not worry about the “tech” side of doing it!!

Anybody got any ideas? Oh one other thing I would prefer one “site” or domain and let folks select which of about 6 different blogs that. They would like to read and/or follow and make it easy for them to get there over and over again!


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