Posted by: guinness222 | February 3, 2017

It’s been a tough fight Ma,….but I’m winning,…..I think!

All I want to do is get ALL my blogs on the same page (read as site).

It’s been. A long time since I’ve blogged on any of them, but I now have the two requirements as well as the motivation to do it! Ergo, I’m listing ALL of my blogs below and urge you to check them all out and pick the one you like best, (and. Let me know!) I will probably “consolidate and combine” several of them in to one blog, but I need to know  #1 Which ones, and then find out how to do it with the gurus of WordPress.

I tried going out on my own BUT it got too confusing and frankly I can’t find anything wrong with wordpress! I’ve got blogs going back to 2005 , in multiple blogs, …..all I want is to simplify my “work”, (read as i.e. Necessity to push extra keys, multiple passwords and accounts, and simply do what I love to do,……..WRITE!!!!

The main line will be “The Emerald Rose”,  and I’ll explain why as I progress, but I am genuinely excited to continue, “The History of my mind” as a writer. If you read it, God love you, if you don’t God love you,….but with 12 years invested it’s my “retirement account” at 72, to prosperity , my family and friends, and a sometimes different view of the world.

Hope you enjoy,….it’s a work in progress.



My Blogs:

1) The Emerald Rose

2) Senior Thinking

3) Common Sense Gonzo!

4) The Tea Party Patriot!

5) tommyIrish

6) My America

7) Life: man’s unfinished symphony


Enjoy, and PLEASE let me know your thoughts at



  1. Hey! You asked me to look at your blog and I’ve been slowly going through your posts, but came to a roadblock when you stopped posting. I thought I would check one more time today and saw the new post. Is there some way to make your blog names in your post hot-linked? It would make it much easier to check them all out and leave a response on which one(s) are preferable.

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