Posted by: guinness222 | February 7, 2017

….and the beat goes on…(heart, that is!)

First of all a humble thanks to Diane, I REALLY appreciate you reading my blogs. As soon as I hear back from WordPress about how to put them all in one, ( but separated) I will personally let you know.

As the title indicates the old ticker is still beating reliably, HOWEVER a few silly things have intervened since 2009 (“The year of the By-pass”).

After my Carotid artery, Left side, “Roto Rooter” job, one thing led to another, recovery time, angiograms, etc. some  more “blockages” in my left leg, then more recovery, ultrasounds, additional blockages in the right leg, the “biburpifications” (check the spelling) where they grab a vein out of the left leg, and transplant it to the right leg as an “arterial replacement” or by-pass around the blockage,….ooops and now the right leg needs one also, and a couple of stents on the leg, Left, then the right, and a couple more stents, then the old ultrasound showed problems in the “Iliac Crest”, (i.e. Above your “hu-hu”, but below your belly, and a couple more stents.

Final score about five operations, all “in by 6am, out by 7pm” and 24 hour “don’t drive for 24 hours” instructions. Oh yeah, 10 stents, ranging from 1-1 1/2 inches to “4” in length at various locations in the legs. (Good news NOTHING “north’ of that iliac crest) and every six month Ultra-sound checkups!

My physician was formerly for about 15 years a vascular guy with NASA, (great cred’s) but all healed, 72 years young and found “sneakers” with VELCRO closures! Other good side effects, my wife is a “kick a** organizer,(always knew it but now she’s going strong) we wake up every morning to a series of beeps, bleeps, and other sound effects from her “posse” of ladies in the neighborhood who walk (6000 steps a day) in the morning and again in the afternoon (GUYS: get yourself and your wife a Fitbit, it makes it HIGHLY competitive as to who is working harder at getting in shape!)

I wound up slipping and falling in the bathroom two years ago  and had a wicked bad “resolving hematoma” that killed my gym time, then when I went back I get “shin splints” and a ligament pull, per my Drs. Now just cleared by the Internist, Cardiologist, Internal Vascular, and Podiatrist,… “Hit it Dude” however a “CYA Comment,….”but just carry this little bottle of Nitroglycerin tablets with you in the gym.”

So Barbara continues to kick my butt inn footsteps, weight loss, and all other Fitbit categories, I continue!

Once I get these shin splints contained finally, next week, back to the gym! (Guess my comment a few years ago to her that, “If you go first I’m going to buy a 45′ Catamaran, hire a crew of six blonde nyphomaniacs, and head for the Caribbean!” Her reply was “not while I’m still alive”)  How’s that for providing motivation to get in shape and be sure my life insurance is paid up?.

Going back to work next week, not in property management, it’s as a “lead full time employee” at a new Dollar General Store here, …need to pay the bills. Sit down, hold on, the successful discrimination against “seniors” regardless of knowledge education, capability,or experience, pays me $10 per hour for this, and four hours of MY time filling out “CRAP” forms on line, to get the job.

Ergo, I am trying to find out how to combine my 12 blogs onto one site, WordPress, and have a “selector” button so you can read your favorite, or jump to one of my others so as not to get bored.

And how to select entries, and prepare a potential book, called (working title,) “How life is more than a ‘Job’!




  1. I was able to track down a few of the blogs, but not all of them, so I can’t comment on the quality, etc. of them. I think they may have titles that are not unique enough for a general search. If you type in the full address for each one in that post, they should become links that are operable, and will take your readers to each blog as they click on each link.

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