Posted by: guinness222 | February 9, 2017


In my last post “The United States of Loonies” I re-read it after posting and found several SEVERE errors in content, comment etc. I apologize, BUT I will be reposting it after I remove it and review it.

      Unfortunately ( For You) I am a “stream of consciousness” writer, I write freely, review “slightly” and publish accordingly. While I sort of wish I could change that, via the edit, proofread and re-edit doctrine of “the standard writing methodology,…..I really don’t want to do that! 

      Writing should be a “stream of consciousness” thing UNLESS you’re writing a novel, which I don’t do!!

     So wait a couple of days, I have to figure out how to pull it back and then “edit” it appropriately, and re-publish it.

     Stream of Consciousness is why NOONE says “my favorite authors?,….Ludlum, Cussler and Corcoran.” By the way sounds like a VERY successful Law firm!

    Oh and if you are just starting , my sign off is “-30-“. It’s an old newspaper sign off to tell the typesetters “that’s it, article or story over,…print it!” 

    Another “Oh buy the way!” , any other “SOC” writers, (Stream of Consciousness) writer give me a shout out and we can chat!


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