Posted by: guinness222 | February 9, 2017

Welcome to the United States of Certifiable Loonies!!

In November “We the people” elected a new President of the United States of America,….according to the governing documents of our DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. For those who erroneously ASSUMED this was a “Democracy,…look again, pull out an old history book, or Civics book, and go back to learn what you missed that day in class. Let me take a crack at a simplified lesson of it for you, to save you time for the protest line and other ANTI-AMERICAN efforts you so fervently deign to be the “RIGHT of the PEOPLE”.

I don’t mince word, so here we go. First a question, if Senate seats were awarded based on pure population about 75% of the Senate would be made up of Senators from New York, and California! More people, more Senators right? BUT  eminently not fair to the farmers, and small states in our mid-lands who are less people, but more of our assets. Think about your steak, your pork chops, your corn, your cotton, etc.. (Guess I missed the last cotton field in New York when I drove through!)

But I diverge from the topic. Aside from the REAL inequality of the vote strictly based on raw vote count, we needed a way to make it all fair and honest. First we decided that the U.S. Senate should be comprised of two (2) elected Senators from each state, 50 States 50 Senators. That minimized the pure singular popular vote being the controlling factor in our country. (which is the single easiest thing to manipulate in our entire election process.)
I grew up on Boston, Massachusetts and from eight years old worked the election process for whichever candidate paid the most to stuff flyers in doors (and provide good lunch every Saturday and sometimes Sundays.  ) So trust me, more dead people voted every year than you could believe, and one reason was simply because the “live” people just couldn’t be bothered, and it’s a lot less “whistleblower” backlash from the dead when they vote in someone else’s body. You do what you have to do to get elected, including your ” Resurrected constituents” that vote in your District.

We then created an Electoral College, which allowed for popular vote by including the Congressional Districts as each have a single “electoral” vote, considered then of an “Electoral” vote one for each Congressional District, and one per Senator for another 100 Electoral votes. 435 Congressmen, 100 Senators, for 535 Electoral votes total, in the National Election  through the Electoral College. The Founders further allowed for “States Rights” in that each State could allocate their electoral votes in a suitable way that they saw fit,  i.e if they wanted to require they be split by percentage of popular vote for allocation to the candidates, or as a lot did, simply make it a “winner take all” based on the highest congressional districts, creating a single party winner majority won. .

For example let’s say Iowa has 6   Electoral votes  in total, and is a “winner take all State” if the Republican Candidate has garnered 4 of the 6 Electoral votes, or the majority of it’s Districts, ALL electoral  votes for Iowa are awarded as  Republican Electoral Votes. BUT remember Iowa only gets TWO(2) electoral votes so they must both be for the Republican Candidate, period! So Iowa votes two electoral votes for the Republican Candidate.

On the other hand let’s say California, it has 53 Congressional Districts (therefore 53 ELECTORAL votes, and one  for each Senator (2) for a total of 55 Electoral Votes. And if the Republican Party has collected 14 of the Districts, and the Democratic Party has 41. If California were a winner take all, then all the Congressional Districts become   (55) Democratic Electoral votes for the Democratic Candidate

So far the total Electoral vote count eligible would be  (55) Democratic Electoral votes from California , and  (6) Republican Electoral votes from Iowa!

So regardless of individual “POPULATION” by state it has an equal representation on a Nationwide basis and is weighed equally on the National Election Stage. Now let’s say IOWA, AND CALIFORNIA, based on it’s State Constitution allows for “split” electoral division and this time The Republican Party  has 5 of the electoral votes, and the Democratic Party has 1 vote . Final result based on the  federal Electoral votes that California can be cast it would be 40 for the Democrats and 14 for the Republicans. Final count of Electoral votes would be ; California 40 Democratic Electoral Votes cast, Iowa 1 for the Democratic.

While it sounds confusing it is designed to provide equality to the voting process by it’s true membership, THE STATES OF THE UNION.

Ballots are cast in all 50 States in December, and then forwarded to the House of Representatives in January for final certification by a Joint session of the Congress and the Senate, and a President is confirmed for the next four year cycle and subsequently inaugurated .

Traditionally folks knew this in prior elections from school and prior education, but this time,… not so much (sigh). GET OVER IT, or go start your own “democracy” we will keep our “Representative Democracy”,…..Frankly it has withstood the test of time and works well for a free people!! The founding Fathers thought everything trough marvelously, and it also proves that there is very little need to Change or Alter the Constitution, but there is availability to do so through the “Amendment Process” for updating it in light of current societal changes.



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