Posted by: guinness222 | February 19, 2017

“The Jaymeister” – Part Two of Three


That was a nicknamed Jay picked years ago.. Someone pinned it on our youngest son,  James David (Jay) Corcoran, so long ago I don’t even remember who it was that did it! Frankly in retrospect the name fits like. Glove,. And if I didn’t know better I’d sue Donald Trump because our son developed and perfected  “The Art of the Deal” please read on for further explanation, and let me know if you agree.

As you know from my previous blog, Jay passed away on Valentine’s Day at 4:37 pm Pacific Standard Time. All the details are in the prior blog to this one, but this blog is about Jay, the person, and all of our memories, stories, and anecdotes of his short, 40 years, of life on this earth.

The reason I wrote it all this way , in three parts, is because probably most folks want to know, “What happened, when did it happen, and how did it happen”, and all the wonderful condolences and beautiful heart felt outpourings of everyone who knew him, from his “early years”, as well as his love for his mother, and Father, and for his wife, Maria, and their two children, and grandchildren, Ana age 8, and James David Corcoran II, age 11 months.

Secondly ANY unexpected death of someone as loved by so many people he knew, is tough, as he had modestly celebrated his 40th birthday only eight days before he died, being a “stay-at-home” Dad and “super Chef” for “Mom” and the kids. Great meals were ordinary with “The Jaymeister” in the kitchen.

The fact is, that as human beings, we never have learned to handle death very well. It is a cumbersome, awkward, and tragic experience  for everyone. The closer you are to the deceased  the more difficult, but so many people feel for you and reach our to console and support you and all those other things. And that is ok, but we all need to grieve in our own way, and proportionate to our closeness to the one who passed! The closer you were the bigger the hole in your heart, and the longer you need to “grieve”, and process it.

The Jay we knew, since his very creation, and his birth and early life is the whole sum of who he really was, as a human being, and what we ALL lost with his passing. That is what part two of this blog is all about. It is our memories of Jay. Memories from me his Dad, his Mom, his his brother and sister and friends and relatives, and from the many others he touched in his short being here, over the years. And a look at the human side of a person, as well as things that will never make “The biography of James Corcoran”, because he was just “Jay”, not a business mogul, a noted scholar, or anything else. Just “Jay” a human being with a fantastic sense of humor, a real thirst for  work, life, and the world. Ultimately a truly humble and great person, father, husband, brother, and son, cousin, nephew, and most of all a friend to so many. That is the goal of writing this to bring you more of an understanding and an appreciation, of the “Jay” we knew as his immediate family, and friends.

(Anyone reading this who knew Jay and has  an interesting anecdote or comment, PLEASE email it on to me and I will continue the “Saga of Jay” as long as I keep getting information from you. ( E-mail to

Why?  Jay really was an enigma, and it’ hard to define or pin one of them down. Let us know what you think as we go.



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