Posted by: guinness222 | March 4, 2017

So why write “Blogs”since 2005?

Easy, I’m a writer,….not a “techie”, and the frustrations of trying to ‘just write’, versus all the notices of, “insufficient data” and “duh’s” when I type something IT thinks is wrong,….and,….well ’nuff said!

I’ve not been writing for myself, but more to be a “voice in the wilderness”, MY VOICE, is with my my ideas and comments. And my purpose is to generate THINKING, amongst my readers. Right now I’m trying to gather ALL my blogs, (Probably over 1500 entries) since 2005, and that covers about 12 or so Blogs I written, or begun and made some individual entries before moving to another “catagory” but basically I have NOT categorized each individual blog, (mea culpa, mea culpa, mean Maximus culpa) roughly translated from Latin from a response within a Catholic prayer, it translates to “…my fault, my fault, my most grievous fault.”.

ATTENTION!!!! If you know anyone who is really “fluent” in WORDPRESS, please have them get in touchy me. My “learning skills capabilities” from the previous 72 years are running into a real roadblock. I read books on WordPress from the “Index”, not even the “table of Contents”, and I am going crazy from all the “asides”, tips and tricks, etc. A book of groupings with an effective index, (in larger than microscopic type set, would be immensely appreciated! Here’s what I want to do! Simply take my 1500 plus entries, set up a set of classifications and assign every one of them , then group them into a “readable” sequence, and submit them for publication, or self publish them under the title “Man’s Unfinshed  Symphony of Thoughts on the wold today”

I would like a collaborator on this project. Contact me at “”

Looking forward to hearing from some of you!


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