Posted by: guinness222 | March 22, 2017

I’m worth a bunch more than that,… STUPID!!!

            About two years ago I decided to take a break from managing condominiums and Home owners Associations for a “sanity break”. In actuality the President of the Association I was managing at the time called me and told me he needed a management company with “more resources” than I had at my disposal. Of course my immediate question was, “like what kind of resources?” And was met with a blank stare and silence! You can’t respond to a stare and silence unless you get more detail, which he obviously didn’t want to go into with me. I then asked if I had done anything wrong or offended him or any other Board members or owners,….again Stoney silence. He just handed me a six or seven page document in which he, as President of the Board, agreed to pay me six months pay over the next six months, to be available to “help out” if asked, and released the entire association all of it’s members and owners from any form of liability. (What liability? Why a formal legal release, when my contract with them simply said the , and I had the right to simply provide 60 days notice and compensation for those 60 days and it would be amicable!)

          Quoting from Hamlet,….”Something is rotten in Denmark”,…..VERY ROTTEN! But with no further communications, discussion or explanation the road had dead ended.

          I could go into a huge article of things that were done illegally, building defects that were being ignored, personal “meddling” and spending without regard for State Laws an regulations  OR adequate notice for the Board of Directors, the ownership and changing contracts, terms,etc, AFTER agreement and authorization for work and other necessities on the property.

         But that’s all I want to goo into on that at this time. I needed the break for my own mental health, ….so as the Bible says, “on the seventh day the Lord rested”. Since I was getting to be 70 a rest was in order to recharge my batteries, look at different careers from here, etc. But the one thing I know for sure is with my 50 years of business and work experience, in management, accounting, facilities management, security,  contract negotiations, managing Maintainence staffs, full working knowledge of all construction techniques, situation evaluations and other aspects that eminently qualified my in my chosen field, as well as hand’s on emergency management and property management in a dozen or more Hurricanes, etc. But all of a sudden I’m not finding anything but assumptions by prospective employers as to my experience etc., my being “too expensive”. Or worse yet, just not being an “ass-kisser” who is willing to ignore statutory violation, personal manipulations and mismanagement as a Trustee, on behalf of  the ownership.

         But enough!! There is a point where I have had to let it all go, BUT I find the “age barrier”, the presumptive idea that I may be “to” old, too expensive, (without even asking about my fee schedule or other costs!). 

         After 13 years in the field I have all but ONE specialty accreditation available, (which would cost me at least two months of time, and $10,000 to garner), I’ve written articles for national Trade Magazines, employed “handymen” and other tradesmen for all those years, been an active advocate of redress through legal methods for various discrepancies and building and construction defects that have brought my clients MILLIONS of $$$ in correction and redress! I have been acknowledged as an expert witness in State courts, as well as freelanced for Attorneys in separate cases of the same types of mismanagement, and construction defects litigation developing data, and information and providing full reports, and have been involved in arbitrations, negotiations and outside settlements to resolve cases.

         Enough of that,…..I’m still thought to be “too old”, “too expensive”, etc, but that’s all never discussed!! All I want is a couple of clients to provide me a small practice of my trade to occupy me as I age and plan to work until I’m no longer able to work, which I feel is at least twenty years away.

        But the age ceiling, and the “anticipated cost” are the barrier!! And I don’t know HOW to crack it!! I have more letters of recommendation from other Association Boardmembers, Professional Engineers, CPA’s, Lawyers, and a dozen other folks who have watched me work, quietly, efficiently, and energetically with tremendous integrity. But it’s all for naught!!
       The bottom line is I will not prostitute myself as a “yes man, butt kisser, or neglect the duties and responsibilities from the State that Licenced me to uphold! I am still highly capable and ABLE to deliver a hard days work, and all the other things needed,  EXCEPT it doesn’t seem to matter any more! 

       This creates a really scary AMERICA for the future!!

      God Bless America,…..but even God better pray harder!


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