Posted by: guinness222 | March 26, 2017

“They’s catchin’ up boss!”

God love the American election phenomena, it’s like watching “Mash”, “The Days of our Life”, “The Nightly News” and “TeleTubbies” all in one. Sort of makes you feel like a bloody genius who never ran for office. Not because you don’t have the ability, not because you are fearful of failing, not because you shun notariety,…but because it is as close to Faust’s deal with the devil as life gets.

I’ve always been a crazy maverick, and if you say “black”, I’ll say “White, if you say “Up” damn straight I’ll say “Down”. Every once in a while you gotta put all the choices in a bag, shake it up good, pick one and see what happens. (Didn’t we do that in 2008? And as the “evil” George W Bush says, “So how’s that ‘Hope and change’ thing workin’ for y’all?”)

Anyway, the one guy who is so up front greedy, egotistical and everything else is Donald Trump, but what the hell! We need someone to look you in the eye, asssess everything, take a REAL business perspective and say,…” You’re Fired!” At least we can then “Hope” for a “Change”.

Now my worst subject in College was Statistics and as such I think they are mostly large quantities of male cow excrement! Unfortunately I’ve now come to believe they are the most subtle form of “mind control” ever invented. The world has become far too complex for more than a few thousand humanoids to comprehend , therefore we are totally open to anyone to tell us what “WE” think,… and God knows they are on top of it so it must be true. If I am one of you then this must be what I think and believe? RIGHT?
So I guess I love broccoli, hate “grunge” music, love being mediocre and don’t give a damn if I’m fat,( unless it hurts my chances to be a sex symbol at the local Little League game!
Wake up and get real!
Sure we have a full plate in life, every damn day! But what do YOU believe in? NOT what they say you believe,…but what DO YOU believe?
Tell me! That’s my challenge to you.


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