Posted by: guinness222 | March 27, 2017

The dreaded “Duh? Virus” is already here!!

Maybe we, as Americans, have exhausted the “gene pool”, or there is a new mutant mosquito out there that it has reached the point of transmitting  capacity to infect Americans with the Domestic Understanding Help”(DUH) virus, also known as the “stupido virus”, or the “Huh? Virus”. As yet it has lain undiscovered , but to the astute observer it has reached the pandemic level of infection.

There is no known cure for it other than the innate birth with an “open mind” , and subsequent education. (Similar to conditions in the Garden of Eden before,….well you know what happened there! Not to be confused with the current symptoms, such as the “mamby pamby education , and the politically correct  “common core” or  “Don’t make me feel bad,….I have rights too!”, and now being diagnosed on “Watter’s World” with an incisive and scientifically astute diagnosis technique made by asking common questions and evaluating the answers. (Usually presenting the following options, “DUH?, HUH? or the ultimate fake out answer, “You know I should know that,..right? (While, if I am sure and you are not, who needs the help,…YOU or me?)

Granted I’m a “knowledge seeker” and as such I “THIRST” for knowledge, any kind, anything, and a list of hundreds of thousand subjects……BECAUSE I love to learn. It works my mind, it makes me think and expand my limited framework. I never really claim to be a “professional” writer, although I have had upwards of 100 pieces published, as well as been writing blogs since 2005!

Back to the central point. Where are we going so wrong as we have generated a VERY small minority of BRILLIANT young people, and such a HUGE majority of young folks with terminal “DUH!’ Virus infections. It’s not even a centralized infection, It is a massive infestation,…..and the question is WHY????

The quality of education has declined badly. The new “On-Line education system totally sucks, far worse thn anyone can imagine. My oldest boy has one degree on them, and , my daughter has at least TWO and working on a third, and my son-in-law is just completing his first, after having been retired for at least three years, and over twenty years of SERIOUS Data Networking, ….not from a damn desk, but at places like Mount Washington in New Hampshire and which is snowed over from Labor Day to Memorial Day, boasts record low temperatures for the USA for past years as well as some of the highest wind gusts ever measured !!!

A friend of mine is completing her degree in “Human Resources” this summer, and over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to look at her “semester project list’ , and the projects them selves. In fact because I was a Meteorologist for six years in the U.S. NAVY, and made a promotion every one of those years to the level of E-6, had I stayed for an additional 4 year enlistment, and probably been able to make either Chief Petty Officer or a commission as an officer had I opted for the Naval. Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP) which granted me a full four year college degree in Meteorology and Oceanography. (Calll it a Major Life MISTAKE, but I got out and started a family, figuring I could get my degree on the GI Bill of Rights,….one of many Life Mistakes I’ve made!!)

But I digress!     The “projects” are ridiculously difficult and individual civilian full-time jobs by themselves, JUST TO COMPLETE IT!!!!.

I really applaud the guts of today’s young folks to even try to try these on line “robo-schools”! You never see an instructor, get buried in projects, reading and watching videos! If you have a question, e-mail a question and the instructor will get back to you within two DAYS!! Two days later you may be in South Africa doing aid work before you get the e-mail reply!!

We need trade schools back as we have very few skilled tradesman, no system to bring them along and virtually no more recognition that a “good” plumber, “good” electrician, or “good”carpenter are “worth their weight in gold!” While I am not a union advocate, for most “job” descriptions , Trade Schools are the college for tradesmen with the apprentice, journeyman and “fully qualified ratings, (i.E. “Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, and Graduate” ) that only time and higher supervision can insure and provide for quality!

Young people today look at those jobs as “DEAD ENDS”, but trust me they are DEAD WRONG!! And even my electrician, and plumber knew who our governor, senators and US President was, not “HUH?” When they were  asked.

At 72 I’m still a worker, if I listed my experience, my achievements, education, etc. it should be a “piece of cake” to get a responsible job,…..but it ain’t for sure!! MY true and accurate Curriculum Vitae (CV) , a/k/a ‘Life’s” resume is over SIX pages long, (the average attention time of a “Human Resorces Professional” is 1 PAGE or LESS! I’ve Been looking for meaningful  work for OVER 24 months, seems my “expiration date” came up, even though I’m still here and have to deal with all the illiterate, self focused, gen-Xer’s and millenials everywhere I go!!

HEY BUSINESS owners, do you have any idea how much business you are losing by not hiring older,, educated, highly experienced people, who are focused workers who do not have a problem shutting off facebook, twitter, and all the other “critical things that occupy them , while you are paying them!

Sorry it’s “Garbage” Monday, (that’s where I simply do “stream of consciousness” and let my mind go where it goes, until I feel like stopping!!  Try it some time it’s GREAT THERAPY!!!


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