Posted by: guinness222 | April 8, 2017

Anarchy is more than a word,…’s a real possibility!!

Perhaps that sounds a little harsh, but it is looking more realistic every day. Conditions in the world are stretched to the breaking point, and the US conditions are already both broken and looking like only a third world banana republic measure will fix it, if at all.

The Democrats have all collectively lost their minds, there is not even ONE rational democratic person, that I can think of offhand, who is willing to compromise,  or even consider bi-partisan movement! WHY THE HELL NOT?????

The “mandate” given by the electorate to the “dark horse” Donald Trump has been, as the old adage goes, “Rode hard and put away wet!”. The ironic thing is that if I could win $10,000  for naming the most reasons why this upheaval exists,….I probably couldn’t do it!

The excuses and reasons are in the tens of hundred of thousands of reasons and ilks. From the “certifiablely insane”  clowns who flat will not even acknowledge Donald Trump is the duly elected and confirmed and inaugurated, and legal President of this country. To the ones who are firmly entrenched in “The Russians did it” defense for impeachment and coronation of Queen Hillary the first as Presidentess GET OVER IT!! But the myriad of places in the middle are almost more than the individual hair on a Shampoo Model’s head!

The only unifying thing is that not one of them is part of the solution. I can honestly see hard times and, most probably,  bloodshed ahead in our near history future. You can’t even have a discourse without interruption, picketing and mayhem erupting!!

And who are all these idiots fanning the flames to the smoldering unrest, hoping for a fully engorged conflagration to happen!

I do not know how to curb it, or smother it. However  my favorite line from The Godfather is, “Keep your friends close,..keep your enemies closer!” I’m beginning to tire of all this nonsense, and I have to move on with my own life, find a job with decent income, relax a bit, and look forward to a better day tomorrow. This doesn’t mean I don’t care, it just means MY life is becoming more important than the high school food fight we are fondly calling our “Government” at this time.

My concern seems to numb me!

Perhaps more later, but I gotta move on, AND I still totally support Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America. RESPECT, AND NO BLOWHART RHETORIC!!



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