Posted by: guinness222 | April 23, 2017

Love the thinking,….go Donald!!

Jeff Sessions today put the “Sanctuary cities, and State of California) “, on Notice that they had until JUNE 30, 2917 to submit written briefs as to why they are “supporting the laws of the United States and Constitution ” by their declaration as them being “Sanctuary Cities, (or State)!

The nuance tells me Trump and his Cabinet has quickly learned the biggest lesson in defeating the liberal, bleeding heart, liberals from decimating OUR country! And that is “DON’T TELL THEM TO ‘DEFEND’ THEIR POSITION, BUT TELL THEM TO ‘SUPPORT IT’ UNDER THE ALREADY ACCEPTED LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY!!”

And this recent “bull**it  That Paul Ryan is “Too Busy” to deal with any of the Executive Branches “work” for this week. What the hell does he have that leads him to be “too busy”!! Last time I looked he lost th VP slot in 2012, and as he has told us himself he is “working day and night” in the interests of the Party for whom he is the House Majority Leader. Does it take that long to trim your toenails, polish your desk, have coffee and useless meetings to occupy your time, and keep you from decision making Paul?

We’ve got the right Captain at the helm, but the helm of the ship of State seems to be unhooked from the engine of the Congress of the Ship. You know the one that powers the Ship to get where it needs to go! Clearly Trump got a mandate from middle class Americans to “FIX THE DAMN MESS, DO WHAT YOU PROMISED” !

I’d shut the government down this week, because with a little more attention to the bill that mandates WHAT shuts down we should modify it to include:

1. All salary, compensations and “perks” for ALL members of Congress, and 50% pay reductions for all of their staff’s.

2. Immediate transfer of all the above named members of Congress and their Staff’s to a 35% government subsidized Health Care Plan, a FULL review of any and all pension plants by a non-government panel of independent.

3. A 2% automatic reduction in individual income tax for every day the government is not funded to every taxpayer OFF THE TOP OF THEIR GROSS INCOME FOR 2017, (or any succeeding year there is a government shutdown.

4. A proportionate reduction of Congressmen, by State based on the formula the “first in, first cut” until such time as grid lock is broken and government by, for , and of the People is re established and moving forward for three successive months.

5. A ten year program for return to the Gold Standard , and the elimination of the Federal Reserve System , and a national committee of 51, (one from each state, and the President of the United States) to supervise and manage that return and it’s implementation.

Just a few thoughts, not the best, etc. but who the hell else is serious about “draining the swamp”, and “making America Great again?

Let me know your thoughts.



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