Posted by: guinness222 | April 29, 2017

To: President Donald Trump A few suggestions for consideration.

While a lot of folks are wealthy (not me) , but several points for you to consider in TAX REFORM please.

1. If you are over 70 years old and have a GROSS income of LESS than $75,000 for a couple, or $40,000 per widow or widower. A Full and unconditional EXEMPTION from income tax and the stupid filings as long as an verification of the past five years returns indicate such income level is correct, and no assets are hidden, etc.

2. A special rule allowing for the refinance of home mortgages under $200,000 to people over 70 with a government subsidized insurance policy for the amount of the mortgage to payoff the mortgage at their death, provided all the regular monthly payments were current, and the Maximum joint income is at or below the $75,000 level in #1. (That is obviously the ONLY thing left to pass on to the heirs, or children, and the only “residence ” they have. (If their gross income declines , then the mortgage payment should decline by the same percentage per year, and adjusted annually.

3.  As a 72 year old , former U.S. Navy veteran with 6 years service, and entitled to VA benefits, the only thing I sought was proper dental care as a result of unnecessary extractions of my teeth because of a need for more experience by a Dental Officer going into private practice. The VA did the job and corrected what was done and did a couple of bridges which covered the mistakes. BUT. That is all I wanted and really needed. I am happy with that That was it’s purpose in the late 60’s! Many friends from the neighborhood, and social friends of my age were drafted and never came home! Others came home “damaged” and were grossly underserved by the VA which had turned into a “government job” for people who otherwise couldn’t even get a job, to a lifetime career AND sugar coated retirement plan. I totally support overhaul and repair of the VA, I’d be glad to help in that project. Why not form a task force of only Veterans to do it? We know and care for our own, (other veterans). And let’s get real on “government jobs” , if you get fired, for good cause you LOSE all your “retirement” and benefits from that point on, no exceptions!

4. “GOOD MUST TRAMPLE EVIL!” That is the problem as I perceive it. Our founding fathers missed the necessity of “term limits”, (because they could not conceive of career idiots deciding a government job was the best teat in the world, ….and a lifetime of comfort, not service!)  IF as some say (Nancy Pelosi for one) that it takes years to “learn” how government works,……then government is too damn complicated and it is a golden guarantee that the “crooks’ willl find a way to exploit it! WE NEED TERM LIMITS!!

5. Is there a “New America” anywhere in the world? At 72 I’m still active, willing to work but the best I can get is the traditional “would you like fries with that?” Employment!  Work skills, experience, knowledge and just getting to this age without having to take government money and food stamps should entitle us to at least have meaningful employment in our older years. Reduced work schedules can still “make America GREAT again!” But no one is offering!!!

End of rants and comments Just as we got creative to make this country great, we can do it again, but it requires  smarts, guts, and willingness to serve, NOT slop from the welfare trough!



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