Posted by: guinness222 | May 13, 2017

What’s wrong with the world today, ( the short version!)

I have long argued that today’s biggest problem is very simple, (no mattter which one you chose to discuss!) .  It is the complete lack of COMMON SENSE in this world, at all levels. The “young ‘runs” never learned it, their parents have been so pampered they’ve forgotten it,…..and politicians have a terminal case of “whatthehellisthat”!!

As I get older it seems more pronounced in society as a whole. For example, this afternoon I was having lunch, at a local restaurant with a friend, and his wife stopped by to have lunch with him. She had been out shopping for a new mattress, and in the discussions we got around to “water Beds”. If you’ve ever had one you too have some great stories about them, I’m sure. My friend mentioned that his kid stopped by and just wanted to shower and change his clothes. A while later he said there was some clunking and banging in the bedroom upstairs and his kid comes down and says , “My socks are wet!”.

He calmly asks why are your socks wet?  “I don’t know, I just sat down on the bed and put them on and they were wet.” Seems the waterbed had sprung a leak, and it was leaking onto the floor. So my friend goes and gets a hose and goes up stairs with it. Curious son goes up and says what are you doing, “I’m going to siphon the water out of the bed and run it out the window. Curious son looks baffled! He sighed and explained a gravity siphon to the boy,….and the whole light bulb with the flashing light goes on!!

That’s just an example of ” common sense gonzo”, but trust me it is an epidemic afflicting the entire country. So here’s a few points to ponder if you are a millennial;

1) Fish swim in the same crap that is “Contaminated” per the government.

2) Contrary to popular thought “Fresh Hamburger” is not from a slaughtered cow,       at    least not one who was slaughtered in later past than  six months ago, ……it’s just “FROZEN”!

3)  Turkeys don’t fly, ask “Les Nessman” (ask your grand parents they know Les!

4) There were “corner stores” on every corner, but you went to the one your folks favored, with 50 cents to get a loaf of bread and a quart of milk, and kept a nickel as a “service charge” to boot!!

5) God’s real name is NOT “Bruce”!!

6) A snack is not a seven course meal, it’s just a “little something” to “take the edge off”  til supper,….and over $2.95 is aggregious!!

Get over it “Bucko” life is tough,  harsh, unfair, and it is not an “entitlement”, you gotta earn your way  through it! So suck it up,…..get with the program, ….and get on with the “new”  reality program,…..”This is your life, CLOWN!”

(Sorry if I hurt your feelings,….I been working since I was 9 years old, and I’m 72 now. It’s been rewarding, hard, but the best personal challenge of my life of 50 years with the same loving wife,…..and life is GOOD!)




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