Posted by: guinness222 | May 15, 2017

What was your high school “teams” name! YOU LOSE, IT”S HURTFUL!!!

This morning There was a piece on the news, (FOX & FRIENDS, the rest of the TV is B/S, and ‘ha-ha’ crap’!), it was about a little town in Vermont called Burlington.  It seems the local High School teams are called the “REBELS”,….but that is offensive to a bunch of folks. It apparently connotates a difference with the norm or those folks,…..and they want it changed,….to which I reply “BULLS**T”. It’s probably one of thousands of High Schools whose proud enrollee over the year were PROUD to be “REBELS” from Burlington!

My own personal High School’s teams were called, “The Knights”. We. Were not Muslim-a-Phobics, nor blood thirsty  folks looking to slaughter Islamic folks.

Then of course there were the “CRUSADERS” , and they were not blood-thirsty folks either! And folks who had “Titians” in their high school lineage, I will guarantee you they weren’t gargantuan green folks who scared the hell out of small children. Not to mention other names like “THE DEFENDERS”, or “THE INDIANNS”, “THE EAGLES”, THE SPARROWS”, THE DOLPHINS, THE SHARKS, THE TURTLES, THE REDMEN, and a hundred thousand others.

Take a break and CHILL idiots! Who knows but probably by next year the words, “MEN”, and “WOMAN” and what ever else there is will be “obscene”, “gender phobic”, and a hundred other things.

So my philosophy from now on is to simply SHUT MY MOUTH, …..and for the love of God,….(oops,…that was probably offensive to the agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, Islamic, and a couple hundred other “deity centric” folks out there! SORRY!

How much could your High School, or College teams names be offensive? Drop me a reply and let me know how your Almamaters, can be “hurtful”, ignorant speech, or otherwise offensive to other folks!

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  1. Language and words confuse me! A ‘spade’ was always something you dug in the dirt with, and a ‘Pussy” was always a cute little kitten or cat! But what do I know?

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