Posted by: guinness222 | June 15, 2017

Why are most “Americans” so stupid?

The answer is very simple, they don’t know a damn thing!! “Broad brush accusation”, you say. “No Way “, says I !

I can’t believe the way this country is behaving!! All ISIS, or any other enemy has to do is find a comfortable bar stool, start a tab, …….and wait! Apparently they don’t teach history, ethical behavior, or Civics anymore or , lest we even think about “COMMON SENSE”!

Our great country was founded and governed by a totally unique set of documents, never seen before in the world. A Constitution written by, and for , and consummated by “THE PEOPLE”, to that we added another set of documents called the “BILL OF RIGHTS”. While the Constitution was the written document under which we were consenting , as a people, to be governed, with the structure stated and duties of  those elected spelled out both with it’s responsibilities, duration, overall methods of election aas well as the authority invested in them by the founding documents.

It wasn’t a “Willy-hilly” framework, but set forth ALL the requirements necessary to become an elected official and the duration of the responsibilities upon you as the office holder. These were all signed by the representatives to the first Convention of States, (2 per State), also known as “THE FIRST CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION”. And after THEY worked it all out to their satisfaction it was hand copied and distributed to each of the existing participating States to ratify, before becoming our official governing document. (And it took Decades until ALL the States agreed) During that period it was appparent that certain other things needed to be added, but NOT within the “core” Constitution, as they were more “regionally relaxant”.

They then created the “Bill of Rights as an “adjunct’ to the Constitution, their intent being a relatively rigid, yet simple method of governance with “opportunity” to ultimately be amended if that was EVER necessary. Those were basically the “guidelines of the Bill of Rights”. So a State could propose a “but” or “no way” or an exception beyond the basic document, or an intelligent alternative as time went on, customs or morals changed, etc.

That said we knew that was the key to establishing a long term governance document, rather than the “pencil version” which would be constantly amended until it ultimately had no meaning and anarchy was upon us.

Despite that brilliance of over 250 years ago, before airplanes, electricity, automobiles, anti-biotics, chemotherepy, and the surgical advancements of the twentieth century. ALL WITHOUT DISRUPTING THE GOVERANCE METHODOLOGY OF THE USA!!

Rather than tick off the individual “Rights” within the “Bill of Rights” in this particular “blog” entry, I invite You my “anonymous readers” to ask me about your questions or thoughts on all or any particular items in the Bill of Rights OR the Constitution. Understand I am not an “expert” or a “scholar” of them, BUT I have a love for my country, it’s heritage and it’s hardships and accomplishments that I consider myself a PATRIOT, and “better than the average bear” in being cognizant of my background, heritage and the REASON we are in being as a country, and have come so far in three hundred years without the governance of a Monarch, a Dictator , or a “regime”.

While I am approaching the “twi-light” of my years here, I value them enough to want to INSURE no one forgets why and how we earned and received them, and how hard it is to defend them in an environment of “I ” ism, and not a WE THE PEOPLE understanding of our country, the world , and the necessity for us to remain the stalwart source and defender of ALL humanity,…..and THEIR RIGHTS!!!.


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