Posted by: guinness222 | June 30, 2017

“Journaling: a history of a life (Part 1)

Sound like a dumb idea? I think not. Follow this thread for a while,….then let me know your thoughts,….please.

I’ve been writing since I was sixteen years old, (72 now so that’s 56 years of this humble life on the planet. I tried writing short stories, poems, articles, even what I call “so what’s”, or pieces I wrote because I could or I wanted to,….that’s all! Some were published in journals, newspapers and the like, but 90% I’ve never released simply because it’s a “who would give a damn about what I think.”

The bigger question is WHY??? From a very young age I believed, we are ALL totally unique, individuals, and experiences, but unless you grab the “gold ring”, hit the lottery, sell twenty pounds of cocaine to fifth graders, etc. You will live and die and the sum total of your life are memories to others, and so many sunrises and sunsets,..but that is only a fleeting moment through a couple, or at best a “few” generations. After that since no one really knew you, interacted with you, or otherwise had a specific reflection of you,well,..and then……”poof”, you’re simply part of “olden times”.

Doubt me? Write down three memories, or facts about your individual GREAT- grandparents lives,….be specific, not a “they came here in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s from Ireland”. See what I mean.?

But the written word endures,and it can answer some of the questions I want to know about, like “Why did you come here, was life that bad that you were prepared to literally RISK your life to do it? Or were there other reasons that outweighed life ‘not being good’ back then.? Or was it the lure of a mythical opportunity, ….a dream,….or a HOPE?” But WHERE CAN I FIND IT SO I CAN READ YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR FEELINGS, YOUR HOPES, YOUR DREAMS AND YOUR REALITIES THEN, and do it in MY NOW!

The question is simply what percentage of us provide that information for the future? I venture virtually none of us! The question is “WHY NOT?”.

My question is “THEN WHY NOT!” The basic answer is we don’t know how to do it, there are no “classes” in adult ed, college, high school, or Junior High. I see a hole, and a HUGE opportunity in those opportunities. If you’re rich no famous don’t worry about it, someone will write about you, BUT remember, it’s their “angle”, their opinions, their restrictions, their judgements, and their “assumption” of your reality! Only YOU can REALLY write about YOU! So why don’t you do it??

“I don’t write that well.”, “I haven’t got the time!”, “No one will care twenty years from now.”, “Who would want to read it?”. There are a hundred other reasons which I won’t go into here but I’m sure you have at least a hundred more,……so tell me what they are, I’ll be glad to think about it, and reply, either publicly or privately, your choice. Seriously.

To the “reasons” above;

1)  “I don’t write that well.” .  You think I do? Not, …..but if you can hold a pen, a pencil, hold a laptop of sit at your desk with the computer,… can be a writer, all you have to do is DO IT!! Write, forget formality, just put it down, you can go back and “edit it”, or “tweak it”,….what ever it is YOU wrote it, (or CREATED)  it’s YOU! No real excuse, …right?

2) “I haven’t got the time!” Guess what ? You’re going to be dead a lot longer than you are alive, and you can’t write THEN, or otherwise pass ” YOU” on to anyone else! Plus would you want to pass YOU on to someone else to write about? How much of you,…your heart, ….your mind, …..your dreams, ….disappointments, your loves, and in short your whole life do you want SOMEONE ELSE to “create” for you ?  Make the time, if not for you for that little great grandchild who some day thinks “I wonder who Great Grandpa really was?”

3) How presumptuous for you to judge that “No one  will care twenty years from now.” I do, and I wish my grand parents, great grand parents, and all the way back in my lineage, had the caring to write and tell me, (I understand they were trying to survive, grow and make life better for th e”hope”of me, they didn’t have laptops, computers, ball point pens etc. ….., and also they were probably working their butt off for the dream of “OUR FUTURE”,  but alas it’s too late now. So while I think of them from time to time, I can’t remember them, but they and their decisions and very beings, DEFINATELY caused the formulation of decisions in their lineage, and ultimately mine,…….but I’m left to the “Maybe,….” of their lives, not the reality, the foundations, the beliefs, and reality of them personally! That is a shame,….believe me!

4) “Who would want to read it?” I would, it is in MY DNA, it’s in my IQ, it’s in my  rationale, it’s in my behavior, …it’s in every part of me! Even though I don’t realize it I am the sum , and total of not just my experiences in life, but, my dear relatives your’s as well,….so help me out here please?

I think that’s enough for part 1, let me know what you think and pass those reasons on to me so I can respond at the beginning of each part with some answers to you,….and let’s see where this takes us.

Properly set up and established it could be a useful course for Jr, High, High School, Colleges, and “LIFE”,  And who knows. I like the subject enough I’d even offer to facilitate it at any level, because I can! It has no “right or wrong” answers. It’s simply a “facilitated journey in life” FOR YOU AND YOURS!.

Let your imagination go , what do you think sitting and reading YOUR ancestors “Journal” would have been like? What could you hope to learn, or hope to be aspire toward TODAY?

Remember, “It’s the ‘THEMS’ that makes up the “US”, that makes up the “YOU  “, and don’t drop the ball ,…..we’re doing this for the “FURURE THEMS”!

Part two rambling around in my mind, give me a week or so to pull it together. Suppose we should have a “beginners” segment with basic Q&A’s to get us started,….let me mull that over!


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