Posted by: guinness222 | August 9, 2017

So What does Armageddon look like?

Why is it that almost every fifty years or so a “whacko” comes along that threatens an  “Armageddon? So I looked it up to see the Merriam Webster definition, it says, “1 a: The site or time of a final and conclusive battle between the forces of good and evil, b: the battle taking place at Armageddon, 2: a usually vast decisive conflict or confrontation”. The word was first used in the 12th century. (How REALLY bad could a battle be back then?) Certainly several hundred or even a thousand “body count” after a HUGE battle, but it was a hand to hand thing, or swords, knives, lances, slings, 12th century “Molotov Cocktails” , and the like. (Not that it wasn’t a final and conclusive event for then,……BUT, boy, have we improved war and battles actions fifty fold or what?)

But in 2017 we were numb to REAL “WAR” we believed the “PABLUM” we were fed that the hand to hand was all that was used, in Vietnam Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere else in the world where “WAR” was occuring over the past 70+ years. We read or realized that a LOT of weapons and items were “new and improved”, and some even invented that were inconceivable in 1945!

We have then forgotten the post of WWII pictures of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, and the statistics on the extinction of ALL life that occurred on those two days, those who were VAPORIZED,  the long slow, and painful deaths that occurred for years afterwards, as those who survived “the BOMB” but had “radiation poisoning”, and probably wished they hadn’t survived.

On August 6, 1945the United States dropped the first Nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, and on August 9, 1945 a second one on Nagasaki! Both were industrial cities, the attack was to “break the back” of the Japanese industrial machine.  The first one, Hiroshima, literally wiped out over 90% of the city, it’s infrastructure, buildings and inhabitants, and  it IMMEDIATELY killed 80,000 HUMAN BEINGS, but TENS OF THOUSANDS died later of radiation exposure!

And then three days later,  a second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, killing an estimated 40,000 more human beings, instantly! And of course, the subsequent thousands more that  died of radiation over the next few years. The final, and TOTAL body count? The point is WHO REALLY CARES!!! We have developed truly an “Armageddon Weapon”, No Make that THOUSANDS designed to KILL with ever greater effectiveness, DESTRUCTION AD HUMAN TOLL, and “take no prisoners”, “show no mercy”, and “LEVEL THE EARTH”!

My point is to let you know I am writing this blog on August 9th, 2017, the 72nd anniversaries of both Hiroshima (the 6th, AND Nagasaki (today)! . Were YOU aware of the “anniversaries”? I most certainly was not as I was “MERELY SIX MONTHS OLD, at the time”, and then We unleashed this horror”!!!!

And here we are 72 years later, facing the same decisions and realities as Harry S. Truman faced in the spring and summer of 1945. I was in the US Navy, on the Aircraft Carrier ESSEX, she was built, and sailed the Pacific in 1942, THREE YEARS PRIOR TO THE BOMBING OF HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI.

Think for a minute, about the advances we made in washing machines, radios, television, cars, and a myriad of other “STUFF”, by the ingenuity and talent of OUR American business, entrepreneurs and workforce,….  CAN WE NOT PRESUME, THEN POSTULATE,…. SERIOUSLY,….THAT WE COULD NOT LITERALLY OBLITERATE NORTH KOREA IN A MILLI-SECOND,….TODAY?

But is it a country of MILLIONS of people, the majority of whom are  STARVING TO DEATH, while “MR FAT BOY”  buys nuclear technology, rockets, and armaments, ……and REALLY TRY’s to THREATEN, THE USA??? Be serious, “fatty”, we certainly have the capability to  vaporize you in an instant, and the only reason we haven’t  is because we have a conscious, OR,  a)ARE WE TOO “SOFT”, OR b) DO WE WANT TO AVOID BEING THE COUNTRY TO USE A “NUKE” FOR A SECOND TIME IN LESS THAN 100 YEARS, 3 a) because of the IMMENSE loss of life and devastation, in a quick decision to quell a “whacko” before they threaten to annialate the whole world?

It’s your call,…..right now,….but think about OUR capacity after 72 years of growth and development!!! If we could bring JUST the television from an old, BLACK AND WHITE tube thing in a wooden box (console as big as a stove and almost two feet deep) , to an “edgeless”, 1/2′ thick, 1180 color and High Definition, “surround sound” streaming, on demand, and all controlled from a had piece remote ( as big as a large Reese’s Peanut butter Candy Bar) to an INSTANT GRATIFICATION DEVICE, such an advanced vehicle in both technological and contents, ….What do YOU think we’ve done to the upgrades of the RUDIMENTARY ATOMIC BOMB OF 1945?

My solution,  send in a “herd” of Seal teams and Rangers with orders to seek, find and Capture and return  him to the US for Trial on CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, OR kill  “The despot” before coming back, and bring PROOF! I personally favor”  capture and return”.

We can hold/detain his oversized “butt” in Guantanamo so as to avoid his Attorneys from claiming the RIGHTs of a US Citizen, under our CONSTITUTION,  which he has no RIGHT to, nor as a foreign combatant, which he is not, or   either a prisoner of war, just a “STUPID IGNORANT OVERWEIGHT dude who needs “GITMO” to “awaken” his ancestor spirits, and those of all the folks who have died since his crooked family took over NORTH KOREA.

Either way he has to go! In a “body bag”, or in shackles to 35 years of hard labor, or at least 20 years and then death row! Any objections?

Nuclear power has been very effective in providing energy, despite “growing pains” and “goody two-shoes” who are perfectly happy “throwing the baby out with the bath water”.

It’s a real no win for our side, the “do-gooders” and “better than thou” crowd will protest, hire the usual “thug brigade”, and crap about all the usual shit they usually do.

We should also make everyone in this country eligible to  be “DRAFTED” for a minimum of three years to learn what this country, and self discipline are all about, as well as ethics, reality, and making hard decisions! So they can decide for themselves, “HOW MUCH DO I APPRECIATE MY COUNTRY, AND MY RIGHTS?”



August 9, 2017

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