Posted by: guinness222 | August 14, 2017

White Supremecy, KKK, other assorted haters,….(or VERY STUPID PEOPLE)

Since I’m none of the above, BUT some of you are,….and even more of you may be “Trump haters”,………GET OVER IT, and quickly please! We are sitting on a “hotbed” of “Planet Earth Snowflakes!”

You got a guy in North Korea who is better served by being on a nutrisystem commercials, holding his belt out two feet and smiling over his vast “weight loss” using Nutrisystem! And in the Middle East is a veritable herd of “nomads” who have no real clue what to do, except what they have been doing for 3,000 years and really don’t know what else is out there,…..and don’t care, as long as no one else has “ownership” of it. And the coven of witches in Iran who have prostituded life to a game of Little League Baseball, with nuclear weapons. Let’s not forget all the other “circus clowns” who want their piece, deserved or not, intelligently WORKED for, or little kid jealousy because they didn’t get a trophy, or Nobel Peace Prize for just breathing!


I’ve lived with every nationality on this earth, every religious persuasion on this earth, and essentially every race, creed, color, and nationality!! THEY AREN’T THE PROBLEM,…….YOU FOLKS ARE!!! I’m talking to all the “protesters, counter protesters, , up tight reactionaries, and particularly you “COMPARTMENTALIZED” snow flakes who are too sedative about hoe your “coffee” tastes. Starbucks has made a bundle on it, (at your expense” cause it’s sure not the taste of the coffee!)

Get a grip!! Do you even know what a “MELTING POT” of society is about, and what the “quid pro pro” for it is all about? I think not,…. because if you did you would simply open your eyes, look around, and make some “reasonable, logical, and common sense” factors and then make a measured, quantitative, and intelligently constructed decision, and then let’s talk. IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY A HUMAN BEING AND AN AMERICAN!!.

I condemn any individual conclusion, devoid of CONCRETE EVIDENCE. In other words, feelings don’t count. (FREE advice PAY ATTENTION, feelings are neither right nor wrong, they simply are,….until you act on them,…then they are “ON YOU”.

Enough for today!


August 14, 2017

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