Posted by: guinness222 | August 27, 2017

” It ain’t over til the Fat Lady sings” – Yogi Berra

For those of you who never heard or, or don’t remember Yogi,….look him up and see what a truly great philosopher of the common man he was in his day! Yes he sounds stupid, and I’m SURE he breaks just about every PC (politically correct) commandment of today’s “SNOWFLAKES” !

But he  never ran for an office, he never was a movie star of the Hollywood (WEST COAST IDIOTS) herd. What he was was simply an “old time”Major League Baseball Player and THE CATCHER for the New York Yankees! At the end of the eighth grade “yogi”  quit school, and eventually wound up in the New York Yankees system. He was one of the most talented catchers in Major League Baseball. But more than that was his loyalty. He played 18 (eighteen) consecutive years with the Yankees, he was the catcher for pitcher Don Larson who threw the first “PERFECT GAME” in the 1956 World Series. Don Larson got the Glory, but YOGI was behind the plate calling pitches for every inning!

After his eighteen years he became. Coach for the Yankees, and eventually moved to other teams, but squatting behind the plate, working with young up and coming pitchers that was YOGI, not chasing the almighty dollar, and changing teams like underwear for money! That is the fundamental problem with our country today! A severe LACK of loyalty, an anemic level of “WORK ETHIC”, an even lower level of belief in the simple fact that religious principals were the basis of our founding, and the cornerstone of the TRUE principles of reality, that #1 – There is a God, regardless of what you call him or how you believe him to exist, #2 HE IS A LOVING GOD, who wants us all to suceed and be, as the U.S. Marines used to say “Be all that you can be,…”.

So what do you believe? Is there a “GOD”? Or is it all a myth designed to intrude on our “essence of who we really are”? Do you REALLY believe you can do it ALL BY YOURSELF? Some of you do believe the world is you! Later on in life you will wake up and see that it is not. Sure you have ideas, talent, knowledge, and ability, but it’s not all a “genetically” endowed feature. If you believe that then you haven’t researched the “HERO’s” of the world. Even those who became “GREAT” figures inn their fields, who were driven, who were endowed with massive brain power and the necessary wherewithall to achieve their status. But do you think for a moment they were as devoid of “FAITH” as you are?

Regardless of what you are, or what you do, you are NOT SELF MADE!! You are guided, in numerous ways to have been fortunate enough to achieve what your highest goals could be, ….or conversely NOT achieve them! YOU had the path, you had the brain power the motivation, and whatever else to make it, but 95% of us fall short somewhere in the process, and we are where we are! Some complain, some blame, and some simply “wallow” in how they “got screwed”. Again I say “Suck it up Buttercup”, you only screwed yourself. I know you think I’m wrong, but I know the reasons why, as you too do, that’s IF we’re both honest with each other. And since we will probably never meet in the “real world” we’ll never know,….so it’s a “rhetorical assessment” derived from 72 years of observation of people, times, and th fundamental changes in our world, as well as our country, that I’ve been priveledged to participate in thus far.

But learn abou t”YOGI” he took a simple child’s game and made it “his” life game, he never lived more than 100 miles away from Yankee Stadium, and lived to open many philanthropic organizations,…and just be YOGI! He passed away in 2015 at the age of 90 years young,….and we will all miss his plethora of “Yogi-isms”!

Google him and read some of them, silly, but “YOGI”.

He was a successful human being!! You can be as well, but as the movies say, “Learn Grasshopper,…..and you will learn, and succeed at all things!


August 27, 2017

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