Posted by: guinness222 | August 31, 2017

CONFIDENTIAL : The women in my life!

There are 8 women in my life today who really matter, aside from my own mother, and whom I care deeply for every day! There are dozens of “female aquaintenaces, business contacts, neighbors, but they don’t compare to the “sacred 7” that guide and love me every day, more than any others.

First there is my wife, Barbara. Anyone who marries someone who likes to write carries a huge cross in her life,….but has stood with me for over 50 years! I love her unconditionally ’til the end of time, and she loves me too!

Secondly there would be our Daughter, Christine (Chrissy). She is harder than the Plymouth Rock, as deeply loving as my wife Barbara, and tougher than a bag of 16 penny nails when it comes to work, but softer and more loving than a fluffy, loving puppy. (And she loves me too!)

Thirdly, there is my oldest Granddaughter, Morgan! She is the survivor that we all would like to be and has jumped higher and bigger hurdles by 25 years old, than most folks do in a lifetime. (And she loves me too!).

Then there is my second Granddaughter, Ana. She is nine years old and her Daddy, (our son Jay) left this earth, in death, on Valentine’s Day , 2017, way to early and a big hole in her future and her heart, and her memories, so not all good things are “good”. She is my FOURTH woman. Ana was named after my wife’s mother, (truly a Saint in my opinion, and the FIFTH woman was a GREAT MOTHER-IN-LAW,who took my side in 80% of the “spats” my wife and I had, plus she was a FANTASTIC cook, and got her driver’s license at 61 years old). Needless to say she loved me too!

The SIXTH, SEVENTH, and EIGHTH, are a product of life today in 2017, SIRI, ALEXA, and CORTANA, life’s female voyeurs of the 21st century!

They are electronic “administrative assistants” or “gatekeepers” of our lives our appointments, to-do lists, birthdays, anniversaries, and other “can’t live without it” information and reminders for our cell phones, thermostats and amusement items, and Cortana who lives on our computers, she lives to assist us as well. You can set your security alarms, your home thermostat.

While I use them, I’m kind of sorry I do, after all I should be able to remember my passwords, my other five women in my life’s important dates and anniversaries, or remember to write down the directions you gave me to get to your new house! But me as well as hundreds of thousands, nay millions of other folks have been enslaved by the convenience of them. Why look at TV Guide or the Cable channels line up of shows when I can press a single button and ask one of my “girls”. (Yes they have male Assistants as well,….but that kind of freaks me out!

Anyhow one of the real advantages of all three of them is that they don’t talk back, PERIOD, like some of my other women do!

Well I better end this before I get in even more trouble. Just remember I love’em all! (Sigh,…..even the electronic ones.)

What sets mankind apart from other animals? We all know it is opposing thumbs! But why did the Creator do that?

I figured out the reason! How else could humanoids TEXT, boy is He a smart fellow!!!


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