Posted by: guinness222 | September 3, 2017

Politically slow learners never win in LEADERSHIP!!

Years ago, growing up in Boston, Massachusetts “proper” as a very young kid was that you learned that a bully can only be seriously dealt with in “1” way, a short (1 minute) diplomatic discussion to appeal to his decency, a short thinking window to allow both sides to think about a diplomatic decision, ,…..(sigh,…then the inevitable actual time period to resolve the situation) usually involving quick, decisive and non-retractable commitment to action! Sometimes the bully quickly adjusts to that trail of events, sometimes it requires repeated applications of the third segment to specifically demonstrate your adherence to your intent to long term commitment to the change of behavior and attitude of the “Bully”, and the assertion of such commitment.

So that, my friends is the short and long term “plan” to resolve the “chubby” bully from North Korea!!!

Any other alleged “solutions”, such as “implied sanctions” (“if you don’t eat your peas, you can’t go out to play after supper”.) Or the “application of specific sanctions”, (” there will be NO dessert if you don’t eat the peas! PERIOD!) However who really cares! Keeping the kid from going out after supper is a one night event, “NO. Dessert” is also a “one night stand”. So where are you at the end of the day,…..peas are still on the plate, the kid is “brooding” in front of the TV (rough penalty!!)

Just like the Chubby North Korean kid. Guaranteed he won’t eat the peas either, and the kid watching TV isn’t going to eat them again either! Where’s the penalty?

Where’s the learning of the NEED to refrain from the previous actions? It ain’t there!

So how do we handle this “Chubby” kid from North Korea?

It appears he is a VERY SLOW LEARNER, so we have to accelerate his learning curve, make the consequences for not “behaving” IMMEDIATELY, and ABUNDANTLY CLEAR, in the most demonstrable way possible. The more he mouths his indifference and lack of fear, the quicker and more actionable your “consequences” have to be.

Now, I doubt there is always a way to get to people, ON THE SURFACE,….but we have experts and operators(i.e. Rangers, Seals, and AF Special Forces) who live to conquer that aspect of the problem, just give them a bread crumb and let them perform. They won’t disappoint, they won’t fail, and they know more about teamwork, goals and accomplishments than our entire Federal Government. TAKE OFF THE HANDCUFFS!!

Is it the “Christian way”, is it the “compassionate way”, or for that matter even the “consensus method” of resolving the problem. But anyone who has ever confronted the “Bully” in the school yard, after school, at the office, or anywhere else on earth will tell you,…..after the application of my principles of extremely difficulty problem solving,…..the “Bully” becomes a willing student, and may even excels at learning quickly and concisely, and becoming a worthy citizen, son, daughter, co-worker, and has a better understanding of leadership OBLIGATIONS, and PROPER PROBLEM RESOLUTION!

So specifically, here are the steps necessary with the “Chubby” little Bully from North Korea:

1) meet with SEALs, RANGER, AND AF SPECIAL FORCES ( THE BIG TEAM) and front line leaders, the GOTO guys who REALLY get things done, (not their Generals, Admirals and anyone above the level of NAVY and COAST GUARD Lieutenant, ARMY AND AIR FORCE Captains, with at least six FULL and successful actions that yielded full and unequivocal prior success. ASK them to plan the entire mission to capture dead or alive, the “Chubby KID”, and get back to you in 96 hours with a full plan and any needs, as well as the possible losses or downfalls, with solutions to overcome them, or minimize them to acceptable levels.

2) meet with the Generals, Admirals, and inform them, don’t ask them, to fully support the program you set for our “BEST OF THE BEST, OUR WARRIORS, and get on board with their full endorsement and support of the “BIG TEAM” in all their requests and needs, as if it is a DIRECT ORDER FROM THE COMMANDER in CHIEF himself. STRESS the complete DARK CURTAIN on this entire program, and ask everyone to swear allegiance to it. Since they are the top line, leaks should never exist anymore.

3) On the 45th day bring everyone together, in complete secrecy and seclusion, (like Camp David, or Mara Largo) lay out all the plans created in a four hour time period, (totally non-negotiable), Take a two hour dinner break, bring everyone back to get her and allow a two hour Q&A, (again non-negotiable), another 1hour decision period, and bring everyone back at 8am the next morning with the command of CONSENSUS on one primary plan and one backup plan, and one EXTRACTION plan, and let them all know there will be no politicking, no shuffling, but one decision made by NOON tomorrow, with execution immediately!

4) Listen, the next day, ask KEY QUESTIONS, take a vote on individual Plan choice, tabulate and order execution, IMMEDIATELY.

Life is a game of informed evaluations, decisions, and execution,…..nothing more!!


OPTION step five: hit them with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from a low yield nuke over their Testing and assembly areas. CRUNCH to every circuit board in the way!!!


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