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What I did on my Vacation -2017

I decided what I really want to do with the rest of my life, (hopefully many years left even though I’m 72.6 cycles now!). My wife and I went to New Hampshire, both “The Granite State” and my former “entrepreneurial ” zone, where I had my best businesses, as well as my most “fun” businesses, to visit our daughter and 25 year old Granddaughter, Morgan. (Her birthday!)

A short “How did I get here?, But more importantly what have I seen and what have I learned?

Being a born and bred New Englander, we tend to stay “close to the Mother ship”, or return frequently for a gastronomic re-charge. For some reason we sort of like the “wild and wooly” nature of both the area and it’s residents. (That’s after you get out of Boston, and the People’s Democratic Republic of Cambridge, and out of Massachusetts.

Now New Hampshire has a fantastic logo or tag line, in addition to the “Granite State”. . Whether it’s a camouflaged ball cap of hunting season, or a “I’m a resident” type bumper sticker, as well as their automobile Licence plates. Their logo/ tag line is very straight forward and simple,….it simply says “LIVE FREE OR DIE!”.

Not only is it a logo/tag line,  but the very center of a hard core New Hampshire residents PHILOSPOHY, as well as all of it’s people, visitors, students, even it’s politicians and legislature. There is an inherent sense of deep pride that you don’t mess with attached as well.

Why and how so, are the first questions you think of, it’s a tiny state, it has few permanent residents, and it’s values seem to be a throwback to the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. It is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the entire United States, it has no State income Tax, NOR any State Sales Tax! All of it’s revenue is based on Property taxes. Ok still confused? Most folks are, ….but let me tell you a few more facts that are what New Hampshire is all about.

While it’s sole “income base ” is property Taxes, and Liquor Sales State Tax, and yes they are higher than most States, but it has virtually no complaints. Why? “I bought it, I own it, and I paid the given “tribute tax” on it, ergo it is MINE, not yours, not subject to all the ‘whacko’ rules, laws, “expectations” of others,…simply MINE, to do with as I want to do, ,….not you!”

If you want to paint your house pink with polka dot trim, since YOU TOTALLY own it, YOU are not subject to “collective”, or “politically correct” thinking to influence your decision to paint it pink with polka dot trim! Any other questions? IT IS MINE, AND I’LL DO WITH IT AS I PLEASE! I pay your taxes, but I also insure my legislators keep it that’s way, (or they go out with the trash as well.) That is a complete primer on the very soul of New Hampshire.

Incidentally they, the “Legislators”, get a token mileage allowance, and fully documented travel expenses Annually and not “pre-paid, if they are a State Representative, and NO SALARY!! (Novel concept) they literally have more “State Representatives than our entire country! But since they don’t get paid it is a real “voluntary” endeavor that people take pride in doing. It has an average age of legislators at least 10-15 years older than the rest of the States, and the Federal Government, in addition their “rules of conduct” are a little different. For example, if you go to the gallery and observe a session, you will see “representatives” quilting at their desks, reading the newest novels, and other “quaint things” legislators do”.

Additionally, aside from everyone having a badge or ID hanging around their neck ALL LOBBIESTS are REQUIRED BY LAW to wear index card size Identification tags that are a BRIGHT IRIDESCENT “HUNTER’S ORANGE”! Easy to recognize  right? And they can be fined heavily if it is not openly displayed on ANY State Property they happen to be on, or lose their Lobbiest Accreditation, PERIOD! Clandestine “cloak  room” deals are virtually impossible to do, plus the stubborn pride of  legislators is an honor code that will not be broken.

Yuppies, Politically Correct folks, “Neighborhood Organizers”, ….and all the rest have tried and failed, more times that the strands of hair on your head,…..believe it!

And they are definitely not the most litigiously driven folks either. They have three answers for any questions you might want to know, “YES”,”NO”, and “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”. No discussion, no argument, no waste of time. They think on their feet, “go with their gut”, and have no room for reversal. It’s the GRANITE state because it is the most apt term to describe dealing with New Hampshire folks. For example, you ride down a State Highway and notice an obviously old, estimated 100-160 year old Farm House by the side of the road, overgrown with weeds, obviously deserted, a few panes of glass missing from the windows,….but no “For Sale” sign, no foreclosure notices, NOTHING but what I stated. Sure the paint is faded, there doesn’t appear to be any electric connections, no visible pump or water connections, no TV antenna, nothing to even suspect someone lived there! DUH!!

From Former locals knowledge, if asked, your reply will be something like, “There was never a road there before John and Mary Harper built it in ’98, (that’s 1898, for you tourists, if it were 1998 the local would say “’bout 20 years ago, give or take”)! So you’re still fuzzy,…’What happened?’ You’ll ask.

While “Nothin’ they’ll tell you, they built a new house in ’99, bout a half mile back from the road, and left this one behind. “Didn’t they try and sell it, or salvage lumber or anything?”  Your response will be, “Why go to the bother, they didn’t need the lumber, they already built the new place ‘afore they moved back there, and (guffaw, guffaw, chuckle, chuckle) no’un but a dummy would buy a house that close to a damn road if you didn’t already own it! Nothing but passing wagons, then trucks and damn cars tourists and “leaf peepers” after all that, how could ya’ ever sleep!”

But as time marches on, folks want the freedom and fresh air a State like New Hampshire offers, as well as all it’s majestic natural beauty. Fast forward to 2017, to our vacation.

Costs of land, building, etc., is mostly on a steep rise by “out of State” folks, coming up to get their “place in the sun”. For example, there is a small local restaurant nearby with fantastic food (in keeping with my New England Weight Loss diet of Fried Clams, Fried Onion rings and threads (more on that later), things like onion nuggets (the last or center pieces to small to call onion rings, but as little “nuggets” truly an Epicurean delight). A local “Tourist” (one who owns property in New Hampshire,but doesn’t really “live there year round) has a small four person helicopter and flies his weekend guests over to the local restaurant for lunch. He lands on the front lawn of the restaurant, a scant 10 feet from the State Highway!

By the way the New England Weight Loss Diet consists of an initial gain of 10 pounds the first week, and THEN the loss begins within 24 hours of your first weigh in. You just stop eating, and roll on with your life for a few weeks, until the weight starts dissolving, or you simply can’t eat anymore fried clams, nuggets or other things made from scratch in New England Restaurants!

Time to “roll on”, back to Florida, and the quiet “hurricane economy” we live under. The “good news” is that there are only 76 days left in Hurricane Season,…..til next year.

September 12, 2017


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