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Medicare, Doctors, and government bullshit!!

Sure sounded good when I became eligible (no not really, when I was COMPELLED to take Medicare, ( I should have said, because you MUST go on Medicare at 65 by law!) Smartass Congress you just gave up your first rights folks, get used to it, quickly, there’s more coming at you in the ” fine print”, as well. If you are getting worker provided health care, you still have to get on Medicare. And if you decline? Guess when you retire or quit, all you got is the cheapest Medicare plan there is until their next open enrollment at which point your age now plays a SERIOUS factor with regards your payment.

I got on it at 65 like a good citizen doobie, and pay $186 a month for it now at 72 years old, (goes up every year as you age,…..surprise, surprise, surprise) Plus they send you a telephone book or “FORMULARY” of all the drugs in the world and what it’s going to cost you IF you opted for the right coverage! If not,…..welll I won’t go there right now.

Now HAPPY DAYS, if you get a decent plan like mine there is no CO-PAY for going to the Doctor or the Hospital, BUT they get you otherways. The Doctors are paid by the government, and ergo must adher to their policies and practices. For example they bugged the hell out of me to get a Colonoscopy, “It’s all covered by Medicare,….don’t worry.” Then later I find out you are entitled to one “FREE”after you sign up for Medicare and after that it can be literally years until you are eligible for another, even if your Doctor recommends it,  It becomes “Co-Pay time”. Oh and not that I miss it, you get one Prostate enlargement check every 5 years plus. (Only had 1 since I was 65,….remember I’m 72 now!) before 65 it was a once a year, so I’ve either gotten “screwed” ,…or now,  it’s based on what the Doctors are able to get paid for doing it!

As citizens we are not looking to screw the government with excess charges, etc.  BUT HELLO. GOVERNMET…….IT AIN’T US,….it’s everybody else involved in the system!!

For example, my wife’s supplemental plan, which is supposed to cover the “co-pays, excess over the amount charged, etc.has apparently COST THE DOCTOR’S, HOSPITALS,  and OTHER LABS, PROVIDERS AND OTHER LEECHES MORE THAN THEY WANT!!!

Surprise, Surprise, as Gomer Pyle used to say, so what do they do? The Hospital system sends out letters to all the patients on the plan which they “think” they deserve more for ,, (GEE MAYBE YOU GET RID OF THE STARBUCKS COFFEE IN THE CAFETERIA < NA DGO TO REGULAR MAXWELL HOUSE!!!! (NOVEL IDEA TO SAVE MONEY HUH?))

But NO they send out letters to all the patients telling them that as of December 31, 2017 they will not be accepting my wife’s and the other patients who have it insurance. I’VE GOT A MAJOR DISCONNNECT HERE!! The hospital, Doctors, Specialists, etc. agreed to the plan a year or so ago, now they feel screwed!! So  withdraw services, to ALL patients under that plan are on NOTICE. The American way says take it to court!

Of course we the customer, who are happy the insurance company negotiated great rates last time, are now threatened by the providers, the medical groups and hospitals with NOTHING in 60 days!! (We called the insurance company and they told us “We’re stilll negociating with them,….it’s not over yet!)

How do you handle it? As a businessman you mandate all contracts MUST be agreed upon 6months before renewal, or must be honored for an additional year after expiration by both parties to provide a “cooling off period” as well as letting patients find better insurance if necessary or better pricing. PATIENTS DID NOT NEGOCIATE ANYTHING,  EITHER THE INSURANCE COMPANY OR THE PROVIDER HAD WEAK NEGICIATING TEAMS, NEITHER ONE OF WHICH IS THE PATIENTS PROBLEM,…..AND NOT THEIR’s TO PAY!!

End of rant for today!


October 16, 2017


“IF YOU LIKE YOUR DOCTOR OR YOUR PLAN YOU CAN KEEP THEM.” Barrack O’Bummer  (Yeah Right you poser!!)


  1. By the way O’bummer, you are an ignominious has been,…enjoy your retirement that I and many more hard working Americans are stuck paying for! (We True Americans honor our commitments,…..try it some time!!

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