Posted by: guinness222 | January 10, 2018

Time for a lighter note, and a glimpse inside my mind! (Caution,shield this Blog entry from young children!)

Recently a person I know, who is a “stylist, color specialist”, or hairdresser wrote a short “rant” on Facebook, and asked me to read it. I told her I liked it and then introduced her to my ultimate form of REAL writing, (according to me), i.e. “STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS”.

It’s not “taught” anywhere, it’s definitely not fully understood, nor is it  “politically correct”,… just is exactly what it says, it goes from the heart  to the fingers, (or pad of paper or the computer and keyboard), to the “ether layer of ‘the cloud” or whatever  medium you use. We ALL have stories, we all have thoughts, we all have judgements, and we all become frustrated, because we are not “writers, a/k/a Hemingway, Vonnegut, William F. Buckley, etc., nor any of the others lining the shelves of the local bookstores!

It we can all, (or mostly all) write! We are human and by nature only a fraction of us have what it takes to be “REAL WRITERS”, but we can ALL be hobbists or amateurs, even if we are hacks sometimes. The MOST  important point is, we all have something to say,….so say what you have to say! Never be ashamed of it either! No matter what God endowed you with it’s enough to write. Look at folks who were not “writers” like, Anne Frank, and others who are now world renown, not for necessarily having BA’s, or MA’s , but telling a story, AS A HUMAN BEING.

What we are,  is basically,  human beings, fraught with many imperfections for sure, lacking the “proper education” in formal writing skills, (per the “politically correct crew”), but where did folks like Edger Allen Poe, Charles Dickinson, Ernest Hemingway and others come from? Did they all graduate from Columbia School of Journalism, and writing, Harvard University,   or their equivalent .

And WHY MUST everything be so linked together as to no longer resemble the fractured nature of our thought process and mental being as to present a “singular” view?

We are human, and as such, being a human animal, we ARE fractured. We play different roles, have different thoughts, mind tracks and concerns,…….95% of the time! I will guarantee you that a “socially adjusted person” and a “crazy dude” are not the same person, ALL THE TIME, ….BUT.. they are close..Why is that ?

The “crazy dude” compartmentalizes things, BUT in hermetically sealed, totally isolated places in their mind where they never see the light of day,….until they burst! (Like Ted Kyzinski) the Uni-bomber, and most of the time that is not a good thing! But sometimes they have things to say,…. for all of us are “STORYTELLERS”, regardless of credentials!

Whereas  a “socially well adjusted person, is both a career /business person, a family person,  a person with individual convictions and personal and religious beliefs, definite likes, and dislikes.” They, unlike the “crazy dude” are “spinning more plates” and weighing their values and melding it all together in a unique personal form,……called a “normal” human being.

Recently I heard of a Dean/Professor, who assigned a project to follow a “Blog” as part of a semester program for college students, BUT it had to be a totally compartmentalized Blog, i.e., a business blog had to always, and totally, be about business, a “mommy blog had to be totally about “Being a Mommy Blog” only.

HELLO!!!! That is plain stupid, and in my mind, contra-productive to ANY goals of the project!  Man (not the gender Dean, the universal reference to ALL mankind)  is not a specifically isolated and compartmentalized being. We are all the SUM of our life experiences, and as such MUST be expressed that way to be successfully comprehended by the world! And remember, some, because of motivation, formal training, etc. can do it better than others!

I don’t sit down to chose my subjects, I usually let my subjects choose me,….it’s better that way. Writing is a personal communication for no one in particular, but most in general, …the key difference is one simple word that makes that difference count,…..PASSION!!!

Not the passion of “hot” subject matter, ( like a good looking 25 year old blonde on the Boardwalk in a Bikini, …that causes traffic accidents!) but the passion that will ignite your SOUL, not your libido!

The world is fraught with good, bad, happy, sad, worthy,… and not so worthy things, but it’s what “trips YOUR trigger”, which is where your capacity to be a writer comes from,…inside your self from that little thing that catches your awareness, creates curiosity, vehemently turns you almost violent or angry, or is directly opposed to the “normal rule of order”. That is what writing should be about!! Improper grammar and all. (“Never end a sentence with a preposition”, – Sr. Alice, my teacher, 1955. But I just did with the preposition “ABOUT” two sentences back in this article.

Writers are usually “poor folk”, from a monetary standpoint in this world,….why? Because the Bible got it right!! “Man must serve God or Man,…but not both!!” (Loose translation.)

Not going “Evangelical” on you, but TWO (2) of the Gospel writers, Matthew and Luke, both warn about it! (Matt 6:24, and Luke 16:3,….check it out!)

Part of the ” secret” of being a writer, is to be both a reader, and a “learner”. “Knowledge builds on Knowledge, and is based on Knowledge” – (ME, 2017)

One does not just pick up a pen, (or a laptop) and WRITE, one must explore, gain knowledge,research, and consider “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, as a certain document.  I’m personally fond of what anyone has to say. One must “learn”, expand their knowledge, first in life,  and then in writing,…. define and expand that knowledge as YOU are drawn to relate it to others!!

This whole “blog” is more of a philosophical presentation, than “informative opinion”, but I write it to challenge YOU, the Reader, to let me know your feelings, and thoughts,…..or,……am I just wasting my time, sitting in a Bar with a pint of Guinness, and wasting my heartbeats!!

January 10, 2018


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