Posted by: guinness222 | January 16, 2018

An “oldie but goodie!!

Wrote this in August of 2015,….looks like some of the old birds have come back to roost,….AND now they have a REAL President to lead them,…..Love it!! Read and heed!


Will it take a military coup to bring this country back to it’s sanity!!

I heard a comment yesterday about an open letter to the Congress and Senate signed off on by about almost 190 retired Generals and Admirals urging both houses to decline the Iranian agreement out of hand, and support it’s defence in the process thereafter, (i.e. the Executive Veto, and subsequent necessity of our Senate to “man up”, not “suck up”. Then this mornng I heard about another open letter to both houses asking them to affirm the ageement and vote for it’s passage.

Ok folks, this has now been elevated above my paygrade so time to get informed and also decide WHY for the first time in my life that I can remember,….the highest ranking retired military officers and leaders of this country are ACTIVELY and specifically voicing their opinion on both a legislative and political question, whose impact can have immediate and far reaching effects on the United States of America,  a number of it’s allies around the world, most particularly our BEST ally in the middle east, Isreal, and most assuredly the future of our families and friends, wherever they are living.

Letter number 1 is signed by 190 retired Generals and Admirals who invested their entire life defending, supporting and working, by virtue of their individual oaths of office, within the framework of our country’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. They, to a man/woman , say OPPOSE it out of hand. It damages our country, disgraces our world wide image and will “come back and bite us in the a**!” (my paraphrase of the document, or more simply put “a bad deal overall for us”.)

Letter number 2 is signed by 36 General Officers from the USMC, the US Army, the USAF, The NAVY, and the Coast Guard!  They reccomend both houses ENDORSE and approve the action.

And there you have it!

WHEN in your lifetime has  the General Officer Corps of this country EVER stood up to be counted, personally, professionally, …and PUBLICALLY, in such massive numbers, particularly to reccomend ANY individual Legislative action, not withstanding even a Declaration of War,! Yet a total of  226 of them have not just given their own opinion, but BANDED TOGETHER, and not only expressed the opinion, BUT Agreed on it. And even those who are dissenters did as well.

But if the sentiment is that strong, and that overwhelmingly opposed, that is OVER 81% of the current, and retired military leadership of this great country, (one of whom I had the great priviedge of serving directly under during my tour in the NAVY) . They have had access, and far more than a passing knowledge, of both the art of war, and it’s weaponry that we can not even hope to know let alone comprehennd its total powers,….., and the art of peace.

As welll as   the thousands of people who have individually put their lives at risk to simple bring back “crumbs” of knowledge and facts which our defence and intelligence experts can weave and mold into the REALITY that “We the People” will never probably publically know is trying to annihilate us. All of this to defend protect, support and uphold the very basic concepts and foundations of our country, and our CONSTITUTION,….as we, and our children, sleep quietly and peacefully, secure in the belief that everything is being handled by OUR EXPERTS, and greatest leaders, NOT nickel dime political “hacks”, for thier own “legacy orpersonal bragging rights”.

Those 226 Generals and Admirals are skilled in their various diciplines and the levels of knowledge required to insure the best possible and most accurate job performance that can ever be weilded.

This is not Checkers, folks, nor Monopoly. It’s real world “stuff”.  It’s what we euphamistally call a real “Life or Death” decision point!


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