Posted by: guinness222 | February 28, 2018

Why are most of the Good Irish Pubs gone?

Of course I’m a tad biased, having owned an Irish Pub which may or may not be open under a different name, and I am sure run more “for the buck” , than for the cultural mainstay of the Irish heritage and it’s ‘contribution’ to building it’s local community.

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat, but like the true Pubs of Ireland, the owner, moi, would have to live in the Pub because my wife has indicated in granite terms that my “Pub owner”days are long since over,…..but I can dream can’t I?

The bar business is rough, not physically re: fights, brawls, etc. but it is long hours, everywhere and rule number one is that EVERYONE can, and may, “steal” from you, even relatives(I will say that never to my knowledge did any of MY relatives steal from me!). I say that not to disparage any relatives that ever worked for me, but to put your head where it needs to be at all times,…..or just take your investment dollars, and put it in a pile in the back yard , pour gasoline on it, and drop a lit match in the pile! Now it’s not the blatant reach in the till and scoop some money, even though that happens sometimes, but pouring “top shelf” premium liquor for “well” or “2 for $4.99” booze shots, and then pouring it like it was water. Instead of the 17 shots you should get from a fifth of liquor you might get 10 or 12. Do the math! Or that Filet Mignon how about prime beef that is “short”,that is sold as “Kiddie burger” to your roomates and your girl friends,….I could go on but you got the point.

But today was St Patricks Day, so I am off to the gym to work up a sweat, hoist a couple of pints and then home to avoid the “amateur night” of a usual St. Paddys day, but since it falls in the point blank middle of “Spring Break”,….well I just don’t want to be out there,….it’s usually ugly!!

Must be doing me good, my Cardiologist told me to tell the nurse to book me another appointment in 12 months, no need to waste my time and his every six months since I’m doing so well.

NOW shift, three months later!!

Try and get back in the serious exercise mode and about to make the final decision and become a “biker”! Not the Harley kind, but the Cannondale Hybrid kind,….you know with the spandex and the ultralight helmet, and of course the multi-colored skin tight shirt and serious “give me your best shot, ‘car droid’ ” type.
Need to change up the exercise program, shave my legs, and drop another 20 lbs.
Still have more research to do on the equipment, but , (maybe sorta”) AND I will not really do too much serious riding until the temperature “chills” in the September period.

But what about the “PEOPLE” aspect of a Pub,……that’s usually considered a “saloon”, “gin-joint”, a “drunk-refill station”,…….Not necessarily! Let me explain.

First of all,….WE ARE ALL HUMAN! That means despite how many Hail Mary’s or Our Father’s you say,….Life goes on, and it’s usually not pretty,….it’s HARD.

I could write for months on that but you’d fall asleep in three pages. Suffice to say, “bosses” are not necessarily “kind, and understanding”, customers want, and need, more than the “on Sale” draft beer deal and the free “chips and Salsa” from the wait staff.

Vendors WANT your money, regardless of their “flaws” in quality, consistency, etc. It’s what they were told to “PUSH” this week, because their bosses bought to much, got the wrong products, or simply took their word for how great it was, an HOW MUCH YOU WILL SELL. Kind of like a used car dealer whose attitude is simply is “TELL’EM ANYTHING,…..BUT MAKE THE SALE!!!”, Or as you know at the end of the month remember we review sales performance to “MAXIMIZE THE PERFORMANCE OF THE COMPANY!” Be on the right side of the ledger when we make decisions as to who is “good”, and who is “necessary ” to our success.

BUT an Irish Pub isn’t about ANY of that, ….it’s a people business!! It’s a proverbial “watering hole” for the neighborhood,……but it has changed into the “stereo type”, barroom” not the neighborhood, “BAR” . That is flat-ass BAD!

Next Post, “What do people matter,…it’s simply a business,…bring in the bucks, or close the doors!”



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