Posted by: guinness222 | April 17, 2018

I’m gettin’ old!!!

I’m sitting here with a glass of Pinot Grigio, just relaxing,reading e-mails , and otherwise “passing the day”,….but DAMN there is a group of 18, (yes I counted the idiots!),old farts who played golf today, and are getting together to lie to each other, about their scores,their ‘prowess’ with golfclubs, and whatever else should arise!!
One beer from now they will all bail out and go home (Thank god!!) They are all on “short leashes, and one beer is all the “allowance” your wife gives you will pay for, and don’t even think about pulling out a credit card for #2, or life as you know it will end the day the statement lands in your mailbox (you know what I mean?)
Such is the life of old farts in the “elephant burial grounds” of Florida.

Now I bear them no ill will, for I too, am an “old fart living in Florida” as well!

Do they understand where we are in this really screwed up world of ours, today, (That we let you damn POLITICIANS screw up for us??. It’s 2018, …..nor do they even care about it? That’s what really bothers me I guess. Guess they feel like the folks who got a twenty-five year “time-out” in the prison system, and just got released. The attitude is more of a “not my problem,…go away and solve it yourself, besides I’ll be “dust” soon enough!

The difference is that I care as did most of our founding Fathers, who were “old farts” at the time BUT, they made the difference, and it’s WHY we are still governing ourselves today and forging ahead, like it or not.

I always “row against the tide”, or “swim upstream,, like the salmon. I do it to be a force for change, to promote the awareness that we are living within a VERY fragile framework designed to allow a “self governing society”, ….BUT ONLY AS LONG AS THOSE WHO ARE GOVERNED ARE WILLING TO MANAGE, AND CHERISH IT PROPERLY WILL IT BE SO!!!

And I hate to break the news to you,BUT,……WE HAVE BEATEN IT, MISMANAGED IT, AND OTHERWISE FAILED IN OUR RESPONSIBILITIES TO THIS, OUR, COUNTRY! How many times do we think it can “CYA” Cover our A**, before it crumbles, …..and we are left to the “majority” of the idiots discretion!

The current move is toward a more “socialist agenda”, better medical care, (for less money of course), better food and commodities pricing, (all less money for us, the Citizen), and virtually anything else you can think of that the “government” will simply give us, the money, the credit, or whatever else that WE don’t have to pay for!!

That is all well and good,….BUT as we all know the other shoe “will drop”, the Piper will call for his “Due”, and you will then find out you DON’T HAVE IT!!! What then,…read history, it NEVER ends well in that situation, for those that “OWE” the government!

‘Nuff said, I tire easily talking to brick walls,…….(sigh) that’s why old farts play golf, lie about their prowess, and scores, and have allowances for only ONE beer!

That. Is until the government raises the price of a “draft” 12 oz. beer to $35,000 each to cover the “make-up money”needed, (a/k/a “fair share taxes”)


April 17, 2018

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