Posted by: guinness222 | July 30, 2018


Bottom line NFL?……..You lose!! Big time, maybe by 28,000,000 to 7 at the final whistle! WISE UP OR GO UNDER!!!

The NFL thinks it is indispensable to the United States of America,…..NEWS FLASH, You’re not!

How many of those guys “interred” in Arlington National, and in France after D-Day and all the other Veterans Cemetaries in the United States, and they , I am Sure would rather be sitting at home now, having a beer and enjoying the game on Sunday? How many veterans who can no longer jump up and cheer at a touchdown, would you like to “piss off” because you overpaid “Prima Donna’s ” would not have a clue what “Vietnam Nam”or Iraq and Afghanistan were REALLY like??? Ask Pat Tillman, oh, that’s right he died so that you can act like college freshmen, pulling “publicity stunts”, and acting so righteously entitled!

I firmly support and encourage all “Vets” to boycott the NFL, Watch The World Cup, learn about soccer, (not to mention the ACTUAL PRIDE of the players who SING their anthems proudly,, and not being spectacles of embarrassment to me, and then enjoy the game, go to the local parks and town fields and see how many kids are playing it with gusto, and LOVE it!! (Small aside, Soccer has ONLY 18 RULES to the game WORLDWIDE, so don’t tell me “I don’t understand it!” Surely your mind can not that addled that you can’t understand 18 points, and comprehend the “penalties”,

Actually I can’t even count the exact number of “penalties” in NFL football! In “soccer”, aka football to the rest of the world, for some of the penalties you get provide a “free kick”, for others the opposition gets the free kick, beyond that (unless for those of you are colorblind!) a serious infraction causes the “Ref” (a single “Referee, the SINGLE Judge) to reach in his shirt pocket and pull out a bright YELLOW card which is briefly, “One more flagrant foul you are expelled from the game and can not be replaced” If the player DOES make another aggregious foul the Ref will pull out a RED card, and you are OUT!! No video tape replay, no manager rushing the field, etc. That can be even worse, resulting in game forfeiture of the match (game). Incidentally there was a study at this years 2018 World Cup and 99.6% of the Referee’s calls WERE JUDGED TO BE RIGHT!!

The other rule that FIFA (The world’s ruling body of Soccer,) i.e., “football” has that would raise the level of OUR sporting teams and leagues is a VERY logical and very simple process called “RELEGATION”. With a preset number of “Major League teams”(in any of our sports), and entire backup or support teams , leagues of backups and “substitutes” on a local level (We call them Triple “A”, Double”A” and “Farm LeaguesClass A, Class B, etc., in the American sports systems. A fixed number of local business “moguls” invest in them and run these “businesses” within the Triple AAA teams, Double AA teams etc. rather than being just “Feeders teams” which they currently are called. IF they, (they,) the “Champions” of the lesser”League”, come in at the end of the year in first place in their league, or division, they move up to the next league AUTOMATICALLY!!! AND the lowest “Major League” team, Of course the last placed team in the league, would DROP to replace them in the “Minor”League below! How is that for holding Management accountable with that “Golden Ring”? Imagine the Cleveland Mud Hens playing the New York Yankees, in their stadium, and the advertising monies and SALES INCOME to the Mud Hens! Sort of provides a motivational footing for ALL professional Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey and Soccer teams in the USA? And the motivation to build a new bigger stadium, sell more soda, hot dogs and beer, as well as pennants, etc. Imagine a poor kid from Cleveland as a REAL FAN of the MudHens, ……conversely imagine the lowest performing team in MLB (Major League Baseball) having to “cut back” on multi-million dollar GIFTS, and salaries, to what they “had to” live within, for a disciplined “Management” performance? GEE, wasn’t that what professional sports were meant to be managed like? Just saying!! A Profitable CUSTOMER judged “winning team”. ( “To the victors go the spoils”)!

So don’t even hope to tell me these NFL “Prima Donna’s” have a right to do what they want, it’s part of their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS”!!! If you work for me, and you don’t follow my rules, ( since I sign your paychecks, DUH!!!!!) So if you were the CEO of Walmart, and your employees decided and changed YOUR rules of behavior, (“damn lady can’t you control your children”, or ‘sorry Lady you can’t shop here the way you’re dressed’,, just remember “THE GOLDEN RULE”, He who has the gold makes the rules!! As our President used to say on the Apprentice,”…….You’re FIRED!”

PS. ” and I hope you got a car to get home, your “Limo” is discontinued! As of NOW!!


July 30, 2018

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