Posted by: guinness222 | August 9, 2018

America, a hundred years after my Grandparents landed!!

They say all of us who live in, and are Citizens of the United States, or Not,….but we are all immigrants to her shores, some originals, some first generation, others second or third,……but virtual everyone here CAME here FROM somewhere else. Even following it back to the Native Americans, who came here over the “Land bridges” that once existed eons ago between Asian and possibly other lands.

Even sailing here, was not old enough to transport people to the Americas, before they existed. The final fact is that there is such a thing as a “Native American”, but not until “time” moved forward from “the Garden of Eden.

Even the Biblical account of the founding of the world is devoid of “other areas” of humanity or Population , outside the Middle East and Mesopotamia!

We must assume there were more people, as even the Bible recognizes other people, from which Adam and Eve’s prodigy’s moved forward. But I find it difficult, or at least beyond my imagination, to know where the major color deviations, i.e. Caucasian, Negroid, or Asian developed. Was it only genetic deviation that “allowed” it, and how did “MAJOR” deviations from the then “norm” become the current millenniums major human segments?

Just as Blonde hair and Blue eyes, became a sub-set of humanity, the bigger question is that “If we are all ‘one’, and thus created independently AND differently, ….Or aberrations of creation?

As most religions will stipulate that “all men are created in the image and likeness of GOD”, then the simplicity of “What does God really look like?”, become a questionable term, and no answer really exists. Is he white, black, brown or yellow,….in fact is he really a “HE”, or a “SHE”? So many questions, so few answers!! Hence the “invention” or “creation”, of the word,…….”Faith”.

To believe, or not to believe,….that is the question,… what is the answer?

As the “groups” or “Tribes” grew, some grew faster, and developed more quickly. That brought us sociological separation, intellectual separation, as well as “JUDGMENTAL SEPARATION”! Rather than accept the differences of mankind, it increased the separation of mankind, and the world evolved,…..such as it was!

Think about the entire article up to now, for a while. Does it provide any answers, any instant solutions, or does it become a “process of mankind”? All the laws of the growing “world” became the “laws of the land”. All “Negroid” or “Black” people were considered ignorant and stupid, all “dark skinned” or Latino’s were considered a “Lower class”, hence unworthy, The “yellow” race was acknowledged as ‘dangerous” because they were obviously smart, BUT not worthy of being “conquered”, because they posed no “immediate threat” to the common “norm”, BUT what about NOW??? They have made great strides at quietly “taking over the world as it’s “smarter” peoples, and those who can not only “duplicate and manufacture things, but expand the concept and now are creating “improved” items!

The bigger question had now become, “Can we accept them?” as part of our world, along with the Caucasian’s, Negro’s, Latino’s, and can we all come together as the “Society” given us by our, variously named, GOD?

The obvious answer is a single two word phrase,….”WE MUST!”

Societies MUST have guidelines, and “LAWS” by which to live. The greatest problem for all men is to try and develop and re-affirm these guidelines amongst all the “tribes” trying to be “equal and alike” between ourselves!

Unfortunately we DON’T accept that concept, despite all of our development since Adam and Eve were thrown from “the Garden of Eden”, to become one of us, the folks that I believe it was Mahatma Ghanai who coined us as “the great unwashed masses”.

The term, was originated by a British author, Thomas Wright in the 1868 period, and means the condition of the poor English lower classes, not the Indian lower class as most people believe. But in reality, are WE becoming to erudite as to believe we are the “TOP” of the feeding chain? That attitude alone renders us further down that ladder of success. WE need to embrace the mind of man, and promote it, regardless of race, creed or color,….but I don’t think we can! I think WE have not advanced enough to have been able to reach that level. That is the sad truth of our flawed country today. We did not heed the wisdom and for thought of our founding fathers , and expand on it properly.

The bigger question is “Can we smarten up BEFORE we move to NUMBER TWO, OR THREE” in the mind of the World, and in the minds of the other PEOPLE of the world?

I really don’t know, but I do know the reality of numbers and the human prognosis is that I’ll never see it in my time. So help me out here, if you ever read this, and MAKE THIS PLACE WORK!!!


August 9, 2018

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