Posted by: guinness222 | August 10, 2018

“…an Apple a day,blah, blah, blah!”

Last month I got my wife a new Apple iPhone (4g version, whatever 4g is DUH!) and she loved it, …SO I got one for myself last weekend. Certainly got to admit it is really cool. I had always been a “Blackberry guy”, and have been upgrading my “Bberry” with each new one that came out. As a businessman I love the ability to “synch” with Microsoft Outlook and have everything at my fingertips,…but alas synching is the right word as we are too tied to the 800 pound anchor on the desk. Guess we gotta all be mobile from here on out.

Well my wife loved her iPhone and was raving about it. (First electronic thing she’s had that she has said was a “waste of money,…a toy, that’s all.”) buoyed by her exuberance and all I went and got one for myself a month later. At first I was trying to make it be a B’berry, but my computer Guru, and a couple of glasses of a hot Australian Shiraz left me open to “consider the possibilities”. Now it’s three weeks later and I have only felt the urge to “Synch” once!!  I’M CURED, I’M CURED!

Anyway it’s way too cool to even think twice about getting an Apple, and of course now that I have the Apple 4 I suppose I will be attracted to the iPad down the road, afterall if everything is wireless, and you can carry it in a bag then I can descend into being homeless with the dignity of knowing I’m still “connected”. My vast library of books come with me, my contacts all my documents and PDF’s (“Documents to go Deluxe – don;t leave home without it!), pictures and all my music library as well. I can access or get anything on the planet basically with an iPhone and an iPad, and everything can be kept in a “cloud”,……how freakin’ cool is that,…even for an old fart like me!

Great idea for a Sci-Fi novel, the times and life of the first human iPhone  and  iPad “total implant” wherein the screen is the back of the eyelids as well as being available as the “optional” head’s up display on a transparent membrane over your ey itself. The speaker part would easily be a ear implant and controls could be finger implants which you maneuver by rubbing a thumb and finger together. Hmmmmmmm!

Well, back to Court this afternoon to hold the line on getting what is rightfully owed me on a contract, then grab a couple of audiobooks at the library and off to the Hospital for my four hour stint in the Emergency Room as a volunteer. I drive the bureaucrats nuts, but the patients love me. (We don’t need no stinkin’ form, just take care of the poor bastard, harass ’em after they feel better!)

Taken up a little private personal study program on Islam, for my own education and knowledge. Really good book called “111 Questions on Islam” by two heavy duty Jesuits. (God I love to learn and enhance my learning,….let me know when there is a real job for a learned rabbi type at the local pub, I’ll take it) We seem to have lost the art of “talking” unless it’s about some inane sports event, or just “superfulous bullshit”  to pass time. There used to be places where you could go, ask intelloigent or anyother question, not be ridiculed or given a look like a four headed zombie from La-La land and enjoy intelligent conversation. (Maybe that’s why I like bars, starting conversations, and pushing the envelope of the “politically correct crap” in favor ofa real “What do you think?”

Great idea for a skit on Saturday night live, Donald Trump, with Ivanka and his other little kid millionaire, and the entire Obama administration and Cabinet across the table as aspiring “apprentices”! At the end of the day “Somerone is going to get fired!” (YEA!!), so is it going to be the Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geitner, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernake, and how will Secretary of State Hillary react when the Supreme Court attacks


August 10, 2018

(An older blog that was in “Drafts”, enjoy!)


  1. I retrospect, Three years later, I have an Apple 8 plus, and the wife an Apple 7, (by the way I bought the iPad, upgraded to the 12”+ one when it came out, invested in and bought a “Brydge Keyboard” which is a Bluetooth wonder with the iPad. This past year I bought the MacBook Pro, 13.5 inch with all the bells ad whistles, only to say (per me) APPLE MISSED THE BOAT!!!. Having a great Keyboard like the BRYDGE, linking via Blur Tooth, and the touch Screen iPad PRO is NIRVANA, HEAVEN, and whatever else!
    Tom Corcoran
    Old “Apple Specialist”, Apple Lover, and believer!!
    TIM, Make a touch screen iPad, WITH an blue tooth viability that is great, AND looks like it’s part of the iPad,….and you are Number 1+++ that can’t be matched.
    BUY Brydge, they got it right and match with the iPad like a “Hallmark Movie”,….(but is more profitable!!)

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