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Hurricane Michael, and the best indicator of confusion, ignorance, and panic!! NOT by the government and officials, but the PEOPLE!!!

I was a highly trained weather observer, forecaster and Oceanographer for over 6 years, and an expert in sound propagation in water (for anti-submarine warfare analysis, ) I was invited to speak at The Woods Hole Massachusetts Oceanographic Institute, on that topic, Woods Hole are the folks who ultimately found the Titanic in 12,000 feet of water. (In fact they offered me a job on the “Atlantis” their research vessel that works Alvin, the submersible that went to the Titanic!) But leaving my wife with two kids under four years old, just wasn’t worth it to become an “explorer”.

I accumulated over 1040 hours of subject schooling in meteorology, weather observation, and forecasting as well as dozens of leadership courses, additionally over 10,400 hours of Field Experience DOING the above, and was also the leader of a specialized six man team on the staff of The Commander of Carrier Division Twenty reporting directly to the two star Admiral who WAS the of The Carrier Division Commander, doing critical Antisubmarine work for the entire use on the Aircraft Carrier in the North Atlantic Ocean during the “Cold War”era with the Soviet Union.

Enough said for credentials, now the meat and substance of the article. Why do the Weather Channel executives either, allow, or “condone” the “antics” and mock “hysterical reporting”,(and I use that term lightly) from the field. For example, there is a scientific phenomena called the “Venturi effect”, it was discovered by Giovanni Batista Venturi (1746- 1822) of Italy, and it simply stated says that when a “fluid”, and air is a “fluid of source” goes from the wide open spaces, and is crammed into the space between a couple of tall buildings, or higher pressure areas, it still has to go through, and the velocity of the air speed MUST increase to get to the other end of the space or area it must go through,….hence standing in the wind and the rain in the wide open at the end of the reduced area (alley between the buildings) the air is absolutely going to spew out faster!

As the “director” I would tend to have the folks stand in front of the buildings where the speed is more evenly distributed rather than creating the “impression ” of a jet stream wind blowing the reporters all over the place,…..oh but that is not theatric enough for ratings,….sorry I forgot!

The result is it portrays much more severe conditions than actually are at the location. The famous “gaff” a year or so ago when the reporter was hanging on for “dear life” to prevent being blown away, and two folks were quietly walking behind him appearing to but untouched, upright and not alarmed by the wind.

Our neighbor from the Scandinavian area originally was not familiar with the term “storm surge”, and the graphic the weather channel uses of water rising around the reporter, and moving up so the 9 foot storm surge graphic showed an automobile floating away, and the reporter would be drowning under the 9 foot surge. While a nice graphic, it does not serve to do anything but scare the “bejeezus” out of folks. The neighbor asked if she could stay with us, BUT on the second floor, just in case we got hit with the storm surge!! (And brought with her, a plastic box full of “valuable Papers” to keep on the second floor with her as well!)

I had to use a pen and paper to explain to her how the height of waves are determined as well as the overview of what and why storm surges and Tsunami’s are about,…they are simply and scientifically worthy of knowing just to know the situations you may incur in any storm of magnitude. However it has more shock value if it’s a big number and implications that, it will just “bury you”. I’ve been in 40-45 foot waves in an Aircraft Carrier, and they do give you real pause that there is indeed a God up there and he’s your last and best hope to see your family again!! But a good knowledge and understanding helps avoid panic! Add to that, your faith in your ship and the Captain, …you’ll make it.)

Also they need a specific primer on Severe Weather, including cold, blizzards and other natural conditions with good instructions and examples of how to take care. Much akin to George Carlins famous monologue on the “seven word you can’t use on television”. Humor is a marvelous medium to get specific points across and educate folks of any age. With out specific evidence and authenticated pictures to describe an entire American city or town, or two, as “CRUSHED” it must really be a joy for relatives listening and wondering how their sons, daughters, grandchildren etc. are in a possible dangerous situation, and to hear over their own TV in the comfort of their own home when thinking about how their friends and relatives living in or near the “Crushed” City or town are holding up, or even surviving!

And showing pictures of “Whitecaps” forming on a swimming pool, they wouldn’t be there if the pool did not have an end on it, and the water could just keep flowing through!

Flamboyant rhetoric , “staged” optimally emphatic “staged” reporting scenes, and other theatrical movie effects NEED to be reduced for everyone’s sake, and journalistic “license” be adjusted.

Weather Channel, cut the theatrics, this isn’t some sitcom, or serial drama story, it is serious and we the people are not as STUPID as you think!

Since the year 2000, there have been 79 Sub-tropical and Tropical weather situations and events, and since 2000 there have also been 7 Major Hurricane landfalls , ie Charley, Ivan, Jeanne, Dennis, Wilma, Irma and Michael.

And Michael was ranked as the Number 4 strongest Hurricane to date in Florida’s recorded history, and the largest to ever hit “the Panhandle”.

Parting words,….study the weather, it’s impact, it’s history, and in particular the topographical features of WHERE in Florida you plan on living BEFORE you buy, rent, or consider coming to Florida. It can be the most important “homework” you ever do in your life.

Last note to ALL Florida communities, how many interested in a full presentation of all the factors and Weather components you need to consider and their potential results, and YOUR reactions and best objectives for each potential BEFORE living here in Florida. I’d be glad to spend the time putting something together as I KNOW it, that will save lives and make sure You are doing the right things because it will save lives. For example, What are riptides, and how NOT to be drowned if you get into one. What is a “sinkhole” and how do I know if there CAN be any in my area of , and what do I do then, and obviously, Hurricane planning, and execution, Vendors you need, before AND after weather events, and What are the Miami- Dade Standards all about.

Because those of us who are year round residents of our great State, and if one’s specific training, background and sphere of knowledge are an untapped data base from experience you can’t go wrong.

One other editorial comment, Floridians, by nature, are a very God fearing peoples and and a very loving people. After ALL is said and done, even if you didn’t have to use your Hurricane rations and emergency items, a great many folks through their local churches, and other groups SHARE their good fortune by missing the storms , and share it with those who simply “lost it all” , be it Hurricanes, Tornadoes, or another little killer Flash Floods that can effect hundreds of thousands in almost a matter of minutes.

Last comment in Florida is “Pay it forward, next time YOU could need the help!”

I’m not trying to “scare” anyone from coming to Florida to live, but after twenty years+ of living here, and having been a Professional Community Association Manager licensed by the State since 2004, and managing MILLIONS of dollars of property through all of the above,…..I’d be glad to help you weigh the options,after all the more folks to share the burden the better off we all are in sharing.

Till the next blog, ….be safe and live!!


October 13, 2018

Happy birthday US Navy!! 243 years old this week!!!

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