Posted by: guinness222 | October 16, 2018

Let’s be BRUTALLY honest,…..getting old SUCKS!!

If you’ve been a follower of my blog (www, welcome! If you never heard of it, start reading start reading and catch up! I started in 2005, and last look,…..this is 2018. You got some catching up to do!

I started life, with the belief I could manage it and succeed,…..DUH! Maybe it is like that on Zenon,….but not here on earth!!

If you haven’t “invested”,……Moneys,…DO it now! Or live life and hope to hell you die young!!

Life becomes a “mega -conundrum” otherwise.

So let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Essentially I think life and marriage follows one of only TWO paths. Ready here is life as I see it.

Path One

Get married early, REALLY love your spouse, and work your ass off to succeed,…..and have children early in life!

Path Two

Wait until you’re in your early 30’s to get married, sow the “wild oats”, and initially “slide” through life, until you get lonely and start looking for a mate who will love you, put up with you, and when you wind up staring at the ceiling and realizing you’re not happy. Find someone you can love, get married or just decide jointly for a monogamous life together,……or have a child or two, but realize you have only got a “temporary relationship”, it can be “put asunder” if the coffee is not what it should be, because there is no DEEP personal conviction AND COMMITMENT to each other. And a little comment like “I’m pregnant” is the equivalent of a 50 megaton bomb. And it is a Friday evening, College Football tomorrow, out boating with your “Buds” tomorrow, and what about “her” what are we gonna do now?

So let’s take a look “down the road”, and you tell me which is the better path

PATH TWO- Down the road!

Let me explore PATH TWO first. It has more “flash”, more “party hearty”, and shared self satisfaction, fun, and obviously sex “on demand”. BUT it is fraught with “bumps in the road”,…in fact two or three “bumps” for every mile of road. Sure it’s nice to go to work do your job, (even if you hate it), because once the day is over it’s “party time”! Let the “relaxation happen”! Your boss yelling at you, because it took too long to get the job done, or any other “boss statements”, and the unbelievable expectations for what they pay you, who can live on that???

Path ONE- same road

With Path one, you get hit right between the eyes,….you made your choice ,…right? When you go to work you get the same “crap”, from the boss, but you have the realization that it HAS TO WORK, because you are married, committed, made the choice all by yourself, ….and you have to honor it, as a man and a human being!

The little comment of “I’m pregnant” is a whole different world, not just today,…but for the next 30 years of your life. The first realization that you are going to “be a Dad”, causes you to be overjoyed, at the prospects and all the things you can pass on and share with them, (even if they are a girl! Don’t mess with “Daddy’s little girl,…or I’ll bury you in the back yard!”)

I took path #1 last Fifty-two years ago, and we are both still together. Not that it’s always been “fun and games”,….but I’ll take true love every time, sure we “discuss” things, but whether I win, or she prevails, we still go to bed together every night and “Corcoran’s Rule” prevails, never go to bed angry with each other and go to sleep with a kiss, no matter how right or wrong you were, tomorrow is a new day,….

We all fail from time to time, and we all fall short from time to time,……but there is no real “handbook” nor any other book written like a “Marriage for Dummies”! But it is easier to get to the sunset holding someone’s hand , rather than just “watching it”!


October 16, 2018

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