Posted by: guinness222 | October 23, 2018

HEY!!! Where’s my cold Beer???

I’m an advocate of a cold beer at the end of the day, or glass of wine, in fact two, if you want them, and …….particularly after my entire home and property has been BLOWN AWAY BY A HURRICANE!!!

I can tell you , as a responsible human being, and a “GUY”, if I have been so adversely affected that my house is gone, my 52 years of growth and being a good American, a father, and husband, and being a U.S. NAVY veteran, and A MALE HUMAN BEING,…..I can still. get up at 5am, I can and will go out and spend the next 18 hours simply trying to put my ” life” and families needs and requirements before myself, and work my fingers to the bone, “working” all day for my family, not even knowing if I have a JOB, when things sort of regain a sense of “reasonableness”!

But DAMN IT, are you idiots in charge, telling me at the end of my 18-20 hour day of working recovery from total disaster and devastation.for MY family,….and I can’t get a COLD BEER? It is you who needs to be certified and “Bakerized”.

The ban on beer sales is both ludicrous AND “cruel and unusual” punishment. I knew what hard work, even at 73 years old would be,…when My wife and I moved to “sunny Florida’ in 1996. We endured the BP oil spill, all the “weather incidents” since 2000, (all 79 of them).

Granted water has literally been around forever. BUT I don’t “care for” water after working my a** off all day! Just like I don’t expect a dinner of fresh broccoli and Lima beans and baloney!!

We are all responsible for our own actions, not the GOVERNMENT, OR THE CHURCHES , WE are essentially responsible for our families and their well-being. BEER was here before everyone on earth today, in fact it goes back almost 4,000 years before today.

BUT you expect me to be consoled with “bottled” water (and warm at that!!), and MRE’s, stale sandwiches of bologna and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly?? How about I sue the crap out of you for pain and suffering, and abusive behavior?

All I want is a beer or two at the end of the day ( the PB&J, and even the baloney and cheese can be palletable, but the beer is essential so I can relax, go to sleep and do it all again tomorrow, and again every day thereafter until we are “back to normal” As “Fonzie” once said, as well as many actors and players, “You got a problem “wit dat?”

Beer is a “male tranquilizer”, accept it, we are really from the Planet “BUD”, and we are in fact going to survive, regardless of earthly stupidity and religious bias!



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