Posted by: guinness222 | November 10, 2018

Hey why are we able to think, but not talk?

Life has been very “rocky” the past couple years. So that statement bears the answers to two other questions. “How”, and “Why”. I have a mind that works 24 hours a day, I even wake up with either a specific question, or a thought, idea or comment, and despite numerous speakers, books and other input that say, “have a note pad by the bed so you can write these things down then go back to sleep and review them in the morning when you’re fully awake!”

RIGHT!! But I’m beginning to think it’s a real quality idea. So I will look for the appropriate note pad and pen and set it all up this weekend, it’s Friday today so we will begin tomorrow.

But as a human I have questions, as well, of the previous paragraph. As a Catholic I believe in God, but I have always had questions for Him, that’s why I prefer the Protestant idea of “talking directly to Him”. (I don’t believe in having “proxies” or “surrogates” doing the job for you,) and I do that every day, at least twice a day, I call it “meditating” but more “officially” it’s praying and talking to Him. Usually first thing in the morning, even before I have “tea and toast”

So what am I “saying”, we can’t talk to each other any more due to preconceived ideas and “convictions”, primarily because we are “conditioned” ( much like Pavlov’s dogs) with key triggers, that once pulled, completely cause us to stop listening and throw up all the defenses we have against it the topic, including rhetoric and emotional suppositions !

This is obviously an “EX” rated blog, if your “ex” see’s it the first thing she’ll say is “SEE, I told you so!!”. Don’t even try and tell her “calm down” (the equivalent of trying to baptize a cat) is guaranteed to occur!) just read and heed.

But more to the matter of continuing to. Be on this earth, with “umpty-ump more human beings?

Ok I’m a “techno-nerd!”,….but less than an Apprentice,….but I keep trying!

Which brings me to my point, (sorry. Suffer through it, and talk to. Me via e-mail, I promise to reply to each and everyone of you who reply, (bear in mind I’m 75 years old but how much stress is it to type an HONEST reply and comment?, not the usual “like” or other “restrictions” the “MOTHERSHIP” attempts to set upon us?

I’m neither a “bot”, nor a marketing guru looking for “hits”, comments” or “followers”, I just “THRIVE” on honest conversation and opinions (ALL opinions are VALID if they are backed up and substantiated with facts that the AVERAGE Homo-Sapiens can substantiate and consider. Sorry, rest of the PLANET, we live here and MUST communicate, ID WE ARE TO SURVIVE AND PROAPER!!

I may “think” you points are “stupid” , or even “irrelevant” ,but if you don’t have the “courage of your convictions” to state them,…..what am I to think of them!! You have DENIED me the opportunity to render either a “considered opinion”, or at the least an “OPINION”.

That is my definition of “CIVILITY”,…..What’s yours?



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