Posted by: guinness222 | November 18, 2018

OK,….I’m officially disgusted!!!!!

This past week, (actually Tuesday) the head chef at my usual “watering hole” had a stroke in the parking lot behind the restauant. She was only 43 years old!! She passed away yesterday, (Thursday afternoon) after being transferred from our local hospital, to the “mother ship” sixty miles away, and endured a process called “coiling” on a brain aneurysm, that apparently resulted from the stroke she suffered.

At 43 years old NO ONE should have to die that young,….but it happens!

And then if that’s not enough the DAMN Democrats have created a “enemy Rebel” mindset fostering what boards on insurrection and treason,….and it grows like a rabid dog biting everyone in the neighborhood, without any interference or controls, or the potential folks affected doing a damn thing!!

This is not either the Constitution or the Bill of Right’s, to me it is a CRIMINAL offense a merely a shallow breath less than a full act of impeachable sedition and fully at risk for any of those involved. The cry of resist, deter, and disrupt is a strategy on the strong side of INSURRECTION, subject to the highest penalty of the Country.

Despite their full and total efforts to impeach, or undermine the efforts of the President, and everything he has accomplished in a scant two years of tireless work, the dedication and appointments, (note: if I am not wrong President Trump still has almost close to 200 appointments that have just been in Limbo for almost two years. The list as President Trump says, “Promises made, promises kept” and the efforts have more than doubled and been thwarted at every turn, totally based on a “Never Trump” mindset!

I won’t waste the ink nor the time to even give assessment to the Supreme Court nominations that were fully disgusting instead of virtually embarrassed. It is “bush league to say the least Justice Kavanaugh has under gone over FIVE (5) FUll background in the last 10 years, yet “witnesses” who were so biased and disgusting that a first year law student should have been able to disgrace them, and they all were within a week or two of the actual Vote for confirmation!

How can any Democrat with only two brain cells even to this day stay “outside the evidence and reason” of their insane leaders, Schumer and Pelosi!!.

And on top of all of that President Trump still double down to reestablish America for what we ALL want it to be,….a government “By the people, for the people, and OF the people!

Read the history of the ACTUAL struggle of the few who literally rushed not only the complete Condemnation and threat to their very lives, so that WE could be the greatest country in this world today.

As Benjamin Franklin said when questioned about the form of government we were given by our forefathers he replied,,,,,,,,”it is a democratic republic, if you are lucky enough to keep it!”

Life is too short for ANY of us to lose sight of what is REALLY at stake if it is lost by ignorance, stupidity, bias, and prejudice by the few, left unchallenged by the ideals of OUR REAL FORM OF GOVERNMENT!

Just as a note, Charles Krauthammer, despite hie death a few scant few months ago has just released his “Newest” and last book titled, “Things that matter”,…WELL WORTH THE READ, on life and “Three decades of passions, Pastimes, and Politics”.


November 18, 2018

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