Posted by: guinness222 | November 23, 2018

Can we talk about GOD,….briefly?

As you get older your mind is forced to turn to some more mundane things, like what happens when I die!

Last night I woke out of a sound sleep and had a little brain storm for a radio station. It led from an actual station designator (WAGC – W’All God’s Children) I want it to be a combination learning and talk show format , and I want it divided into four Prime Time segments (Daytime 8am – Christianity, 12Noon – 4pm Judeaism, 4pm – 8 pm Islamism and 8pm-12pm The Asian religions and their influence. Mid-night to 8am could be an open talk show with guests and panels, or just simply religious music of all faiths, randomly.

During most of the day it would be educational and attempting to answer the similarities and differences of each religion, it’s history in time and it’s relevance to the others.each of the four segments would have a “host” or “moderator”, segments for -sermons, Q&A call in or write in options, to avoid the world of “crazies ad zealots” who are only interested in proselytizing or denying there is a God

But, as the world turns, back to my. Forte, opinion and comment!

It really would be nice if I lived in America, the place where the winner of elections is worthy of the victory , and the loser, sorry millennial Libtards, is defeated, but is gracious enough to accept their defeat, and let everyone move on with their lives. I mean really. Take our recent Florida Federal Senate race, it’s now a full TWO WEEKS, after the election and the vote will be “FINAL” after the Secretary of State signs off on it this Thursday, Democrats 0, Republic 1, then there is the State election for the Governor, after a tense 10 days of all kinds of speculation, the winner by over 15,000 votes wind and the Democrat finally “sort of” concedes!

No other State had this much trouble,……AGAIN!! All with the same commissioner of elections in both races, (You might remember her from the infamous “hanging chad” case of the Bush/Gore days) From ballots, forgotten in a car trunk to those in the kitchen of a school that was a “lost”!!!

Why are we such cynical a**holes? For me it’s easy,…….lameless, blameless, and shameless people who need to take lessons in History, Civility, and “Love of Country”,…..NOT blind allegiance to Party, AND certainly no information to discuss any of it other than the challenge with ,……”You are a (choose one) Sexist, egotist, ….racist bigot,…..masogonist , “or “just plain idiot” (OR the ultimate slam”,….I can’t discuss anything with you because you can’t even be rational about a discussion!!

And home to the basement, or rented apartment, or their “future investment” (a/k/a House) they live in,sort of.

I study the issues,I listen to both the proponents, and the opposition for of all of them, then I, and I counsel with my own mind and there you have it ,…..a decision is made, and by the way I enjoy a good debate,….based on facts and figures not the “well that doesn’t matter, I feel,……” crap, crap, crap””.

Enough venom for today,…..but a poll of anyone who reads this, what is the difference between a “soup”, and a “stew”. Serious question,….my answer in the next blog!


November 19, 2018

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