Posted by: guinness222 | December 2, 2018

“Leadership” is NOT cowardice!!

I just heard a “talking head” make the above title statement, on NATIONAL TV, Wednesday October 24th at approximately 6:15 pm CST on Fox News.

So what is Leadership,….cowering under your desk,…..ignoring the problem due to “previous commitments”, it”s all making the DECISION to actually NOT BE A LEADER”!

Are you really sick of difficult deadlines, pie in the sky goals, seemingly impossible financial restraints, woefully incompetent staff, and overall that black hole in your gut telling you to go hide under your bed with a “blanket” of your choice forever.

But reality tells you to get a “Job”, settle for a weekly paycheck, and just adjust to being a “worker bee”,….not the “Leader of the Pack”!

But it is easier to be a leader,….trust me! As the old axiom goes, “sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you never get to play !” But anyway you cut it, say it or make excuses for it,….that’s ALL on you. Not any of the items I noted above.

Now yes, there are times there are legitimate reasons why it doesn’t work, BUT it was your “job code” to ANTICIPATE, and PREVENT those reasons,….any way you could,…..because that was YOUR responsibility to do that, in performing YOUR responsibility, to your best possible ability you are being the leader. And if it doesn’t succeed, it’s not a matter of laying right or wrong,….there was an “angle” you did not effectively view all the outcomes from,….that’s all. But you only have that luxury ONCE in your lifetime! There is a old axiom I learned as a small child, if you touch the radiator, and get burned,… “got learned” the next time you were stupid and got no sympathy or understanding,…..any questions now!

That is leadership.

I used to be a Weather Observer/Forecaster, and Oceanographic conditions Forecaster for Submarine Detection during the 60’s “Cold War” era. THAT was a scary period, even during practice exercises, we played for “a half a step” to ultimate obliteration on both sides of the “games”, and “temptations”, and the “I’m better than you!”type of Playground gamesmanship.

Taking that “second to last” ultimate step,….but not doing it, took guts, and the real knowledge of what LEADERSHIP was all about,….even though it was a drill.

End of comments on leadership. Now back to your normally scheduled REAL leadership game for real. It’s called “LIFE”.

Be a leader and no one will ever have to tell you you are, it’s an inherent mark on your soul that you are the only one that needs know!


December 2, 2018

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