Posted by: guinness222 | December 3, 2018

Maybe it’s. Time for a NEW reincarnation of Woodstock weekend!

I love the 60’s music, the lyrics and the entire philosophy of the “Woodstock Experience”. Unfortunately despite being “in the zone” of the times, I had already enlisted in the U.S. Navy in ’65, married in ’67, and was beginning my “other life”, but even to this day I have an old two CD set of the music of Woodstock, a number of “extra’s” and just the entire flavor of it.

But like I said that was then, this is now, I’m going on 74, but still love what it actually stood for, a “peaceful” well behaved protest of where the country was going t the time. That said are we not in the same place now?

Is our President, Donald Trump, trying with all his might, education and belief and then trying his damndest, to put our country back on track for the future. I believe he is, regardless of what anyone is saying or “alleging”,….he is in fact the “Atlas” we see in the statute, holding the entire world Globe on his back!

And as Ayn Rand wrote in her massively foresightful written novel, and asked the simple question, “What if Atlas shrugged”, with the entire world on his back)

Maybe that’s why I was a “closet Wood-stocker”. There is always a vibrancy, a life, and an emotion in it’s music. Which was the “Call to Arms”, to tell us the Vietnam war was wrong, the way we were treating each other was wrong, the direction we were moving was wrong.

BUT, the total change in the entire approved “objectives” of being “a person, or citizen”, a citizen of the greatest country in the world, and the acknowledged reality that we were going the wrong way on a one way street, to try and adjust “right to , liberty, the pursuit of happiness”, and the freedom of all mankind was being ignored, primarily because of the philosophical shifts going on , from being AMERICA, THE UNITED STATES and thereof, the folks with the power to do it right and stop all the insanity,….That was the objective of Woodstock, to quietly, orderly, and subtlety CHANGE THE WORLD!

Some of us bought into it back then, and unfortunately were seduced to “the dark side” to steal the Star Wars image, and join the dark side to succeed, care for our young families, feed them, educate them and insure the entire party line, regardless of political affiliation, all was well, ….and just trust! Just Trust what?

That was the entire bottom line of Wood stock! It wasn’t alright, and it was only propagating the direction in which we were going to have to move to get it right!


December3,, 2018

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