Posted by: guinness222 | January 14, 2019

Some folks say I’m old and “cranky”,,… bet!

And why not?

There once was a time when it MATTERED to be patriotic, there once was a time when it was an HONOR to run for office, and there once was a time, but,……….. “THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW!!!”

And as they say, It just doesn’t matter any more!!!!! And “that which we have” is the fruit that “fell off the vine and rotted on the ground! Many folks challenge me and say, “You think you could do any better?”. My answer is simple as a country we are all staggering around in the dark, pretending to “know it all” from the “talking heads”, and TV “dunderheads whose REAL claim to fame is they simply “look good” on TV and make an obscene income from that ability, or “think because they do they have a degree in “Journalism” or other related items,…..thus the term “talking heads” entered our lexicon!

The fact is only YOU can learn from what you digest mentally, and judge for yourself! NOT what someone else “tells you” you know or think as a result of what “THEY” have told you. “That’s a fact Jack!!”

Number one, I don’t really care what YOU think! Give me the facts, the data, and let ME break it down, gather the truth, assess the options and establish MY opinion, end of discussion. Sure additional data, “bullshit” and other more colorful stuff may come along, and guess what, I am capable of making my own decision after separating it all to reach the conclusion. Will I always be right? No, but neither will I necessarily be wrong. But today that is the underlying direction and opinion of “WE the People”, simply followers, and “lemmings”

The new dictum is extremely simple, “Can we sell this crap as gospel, or not!”


January14, 2019

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