Posted by: guinness222 | January 19, 2019

How damn stupid can we get now????

At 74, yup! And getting older, who turned the “time activation curve dial up to max!!) But seriously, even at 74 I think that women are great, I’ve got one who is only two years younger than I am, and I told her about this “Women’s March” thing. (But her response was “Yeah,….so what?)

We both have some bad habits, BUT the most important things in life are not that we have been married almost 53 years, and despite “squabbles” we both love each other and have never “strayed”!

But as I get older I start to think about things like “what do I do if she ‘goes first”? Damned, I know I never bought enough life insurance, all my “investments” went further south than Florida, and like the old line says,”all good things come to an end”. Ask me about any of the mistakes, or that I did wrong,….and it goes downhill from there!

But I certainly hope she goes before me,…..but not for the ” usual reasons”!! I don’t want her to have to clean up after me,….nor do I want her to suffer my embarrassments for things I promised, BUT couldn’t deliver,….and I know if it happens, it will be a hard boat to row for me. But the “for better or worse, til death do you part”,……I take seriously. (The first thing she will do (if I go first) is cut up my credit cards!! But I won’t need them any more!) I call them my politician insurance. One way or the other I ain’t cutting them up, because then I am at their mercy, a “statistic” on the welfare rolls, the unemployment rolls, the tax rolls, and ultimately just, “dust in the wind”, as I don’t want, nor can I afford to add more debt my wife and put her any further debt, for vanity, and to enrich a bunch of folks who are bloody ghouls! Statistically “I’ll be there soon, Honey,…hold on!”

But that having been said, I’ll take care of Miss Kitty, the cat, Laundry is cut by 35%, but I will have to decide what else then! I’ll probably sell the house, have a “Gi-gunda” yard sale, dump both cars, (look for a newer “RV” or Conversion Van”so I can visit the kid more often, (and still have a “back-up” place to eat and sleep, (MacDonald’s Rest Rooms are generally clean), … much for the “but if’s”.

Sorry, but I told you folks in the last blog “Some folks say I’m old and cranky,…so what?” Maybe more of us should become old and “cranky”, deliberately!!!

I am a rabid Trump Supporter, but I need to see more. His moves and accomplishments since he was inaugurated in 2017 have been SUPERB, but I want a few more to “shore up” my country! Why? So I can “go in piece, what else? My fight is far from done. Read on and see if you agree with me.

The only “pinch” in life that Nancy Pelosi has ever felt is one from the old blind guy on the bus! “IF” if she ever had a half a brain , a medical faux pas occurred, but that is only a “Memory” now, not even a thought.

Anyone married knows when the wife say’s “Nothing more than a dollar”, there ain’t no negotiation, it does not yield to logic, facts, testimony, or anything else, (too many brain circuits” are “set like concrete”!)

But I deviate. We need that “ground fault circuit breaker” the founders put in the Constitution, Article V , of the Constitution, which allows for a “Constitutional Convention” to make changes to the Constitution, and we need it NOW!!!

Consider these points that DEMAND invoking this “Constitutional Right” by the People, NOT their Reps and Senators!!!

#1 Term limits be changed only allow for ONLY 1, 4 year term for Congress People, NO EXCEPTIONS!”, and 1 , six year term. For Senators, NO EXCEPTIONS, and the current two four year terms for a President!!

#2 IF the Federal Government FAILS to agree, or create a BALANCED Budget, then the government, in any year, shall be “SHUT DOWN”, and ALL duly elected members of Congress and the Senate shall have any and all PAYROLL withheld immediately and until the situation is reconciled. Furthermore all SENATORS AND CONGRESS PEOPLE SHALL NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR A PERIOD OF ONE YEAR AFTER SUCH situation is imposed. Also during such a “Shut Down” absolutely NO travel by any such Representatives and Senators shall be allowed, without SPECIFIC WRITTEN APPROVAL of THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and ratification of THE SITTING SUPREME COURT.

Let me know your thoughts!!

On another point, I got a fact on my internet the other day that says,…”Researchers have found that Millennials are the LEAST religious generation in SIX decades, and possibly the the United States’ history.”

Additionally it was discovered that the rate of population is LESS than TWO for the modern age of the country! Think about it, we are dying faster than we are replacing ourselves!!

Number 1, that is the entire conundrum effecting organized religion (except that of the Muslim and Chinese races)! As a result this will impact our entire “melting pot” of the United States of America, for the next 50 years! Additionally it provides great substantiation to the fact that it will probably mandate future “wars” based on a less that favorable “plus and minus” no matter how much diplomacy and “sanctions” are applied.

My biggest fear is that we have virtually “advanced” TOO far beyond our ability to “blend” and change to those “rising” with “equal” power, and (“the Global Village”) folks in the world. Hence an impossible impasse! So do we want to learn Chinese, or Farsi?

NEITHER one is my choice, American English is “globally” an accepted language, but think about it! When was the last time a “loser” in a World War, ever had their language survive them, to become internationally recognized?

Nuff for you to think about for today, and tomorrow as well!!


Please let me know your thoughts,… gets shorter every day!

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