Posted by: guinness222 | February 11, 2019

Is it worth owning a business anymore??

I started my first business from off the back of an old comic book”, at age 9! They were advertising a “clean” business, where all I had to do was go out, IN MY OWN neighborhood, present a little portfolio of “personalized stationary, gift cards, and other items, (ie. thank you cards, sympathy cards birthday cards etc.., the “customer pays me with cash or a check, and then I go home, put all the orders together on the company’s order form and I mail in the order forms WITH a check or money order, for the total, and wait for them to arrive and deliver them to the customer.

Remember that I couldn’t get a check (as I was only 9 years of age) , and then came the very big #1 Rule in business that I ever learned,”…Be sure of your ‘investors’ and their capacities” before opening the business,”, even if it was your own Dad!

I thought it was easy to go into business and make it work. AND I was sure it would go smoothly, even though it was my allowance for about 6 weeks that paid for the “sales and customer orders, samples, and basic forms,…” the “START UP COSTS”, I was able to order that with cash from my allowance at the time, but all future transactions had to be with a “real” check! ( A minor stumbling block that I could address AFTER I had orders in hand.)

I got the inquisition from my Dad,…”…where did you get this much cash,….and what’s it for,….and how much money are you making ?” ,and on, and on, and on.” #2 Rule Make sure you had secured your investor capital BEFOREHAND! It is NEVER “fun” to waste all you’re time going around refunding money to your customers!

#3 Rule, make sure you have the resources to DELIVER THE GOODS when they expect them. (I was very attuned to this one the next to days that’s all I did after school was deliver the orders, (until the Street lights came on of course, The pleasure of completion was not worth the pain of missing being at home by that time!!)

Follow those three little rules will always insure you are respected and trusted by your customers,…..regardless of the businesses you own or start, or what goes on behind closed doors! Miss any one or part of them, and you are DONE. Even if you are the “sweet little kid from down the block”, you make a commitment, you DAMN well better fulfill it exactly as you said you will or don’t bother trying to tell anyone how good you are, how polite, or how sorry you are!

Of course I could write for many more chapters, pages and all that on “Rules for Business”, but there are more books on that out there than hairs on my head, (which at age 74, is in the “declining quickly” column!

But today it is more important believe me, the same rules apply but “little things” like integrity, and honesty, and overall virtually everything YOU are counting on to make a business successful and “go well” for you are at a minimum of “level of trust”,….believe me. You can do all you promised and said you would do, ad actually DO it,……but you missed a deadline because your sales Rep was “puffing” to get your order, or because the manufacturer decided to have an “increase” or “up Charge” when a week or two ago when you placed the order they assured you everything was “rock solid” , and “locked in”.

Plus the regulations, and procedures and “hoops” you have to jump through are insane today. I never filed income taxes until I was almost 20, and in the U.S. NAVY, I never had to get “permits”, “Licenses” and assurances of all the “regulatory bulls**t” it takes effort you can “open your doors for business”, plus the totally intrusive “follow up and inspections”!!

In the 1980’s when I was in a very successful endeavor and I had a few personal minutes, I began considering , a (NEW 2019 term coming) “secondary income stream to augment the current earnings segment”. In plain English,….”another way to get money to allow me to avoid going broke in my primary business without showing folks you had any problem, or two that you were working diligently to “fix” 24/7, eating Cheerios and Chef Boyardee, and not the Filet and Wild Salmon!

I ventured onto the “how to form a business pages of the State Government ,and found out that a title I thought would be all the things needed to exude confidence for clients and investors of the “NEXT” venture happened to be “untaken”. So I registered it, designed stationary and business cards for it,…..but never had the chance to make it happen in the 1980’s.

Fast Forward 40+ more years, both in time and my age and agility, and as I was doing my “Annual Corporate Registration Filing” ( a quick way to dump $150 just because,….to the State!), on a Corporation I had pretty much closed down, ….but kept, ” just in case”, I googled my old “dream corporation name”,…..and lo and behold it was available. So I grabbed it!! (Not a bad investment for $105 for a year!)

But the question now is “WHAT CAN I MAKE OF IT?”

Help me out here!!!

Helpful hints that need development: (Worth a partnership for 0$$$$!! If I like it!)

1) a podcast that can be syndicated with a profitable sponsorship (already have the Podcast equipment, location to make it happen, and “I like it, NO. Really love it, love to do it!”( already got that” radio announcer voice” needed!)

2) a really “HOT” vacation community “general” rated weekly (seasonally of course) freebie newspaper making money from advertising of “HOTSPOT” places after dark for the various ages.

3) to be continued

4) a double A or triple A baseball team during the March to Late September time when tourists are looking for “clean and wholesome” family nights from March to September with associated restaurants, family affordable and fun WITH exclusivity!!



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