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Want to know why the “construction” in this area is so shoddy?

Before every contractor on earth sues me,….there are some “good” contractors around,…..BUT, (and that’s the key to this column, the “why”!) , here is a copy of a local “recruiter ad” on the internet. Read it tell me what you think!

Code Enforcement Officer – TDC

Walton County, FL
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
$12.04 – $16.59 an hour

Job Description: Under the supervision of the Code Enforcement Manager; the Code Enforcement Officer for the Tourist Development Council (TDC), performs research, investigative, enforcement, and follow-up duties on violations of select Walton County Municipal Codes associated with the waterways, beaches, public beach accesses, and multi-use path of Walton County that are under the control/maintenance of the Walton County TDC. Job Responsibilities: 100.00% – The following statements describe the principal functions of this job and its scope of responsibility, but should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Individuals may perform other duties as assigned, including working in other functional areas to cover absences or relief, to equalize peak work periods or otherwise to balance the work load. 

~ Patrols the beach and related properties to ensure compliance with municipal codes, rules, regulations, guidelines, procedures, laws, statutes that regulate activities and behavior 

~ Gathers and records beach code enforcement activity data to central database. Investigates complaints submitted to Beach Code Enforcement Dept. Compiles case notes, pictures, and other records. Prepares case documentation for court cases 

~ Informs, negotiates and works with businesses (major resorts, individual beach activity operators, etc.), agencies (Florida State Park System, FDEP, DCA, etc.) and other county departments (Public Works, Planning, etc.) to assist in maintaining a successful beach activities program 

~ Assists other Public Safety agencies in regulating beach activities 

~ Assists in communicating with the public through presentations, speaking engagements, notices, etc. about the waterway and beach related municipal codes. 

~ Position serves as ambassador for the Beach Safety program and the South Walton Turtle Monitoring program 

~ Makes reports as necessary both orally and written to the TDC, BCC or their designee 

~ Operate a four-wheel drive vehicle/all-terrain vehicle on the beach in occasionally inclement weather 

~ Work flexible hours including holidays and weekends 

~ Adheres to work schedule and attendance requirements 

~ Performs other duties as necessary and may be required 
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Code Enforcement Officer – TDC – ~ Knowledge of Walton County beach related municipal codes 

~ Knowledge of equipment and facilities used in the Beach Code Enforcement program 

~ Knowledge of principles and practices of construction and maintenance of public buildings and facilities, real estate/planning/zoning community recreation needs and resources 

~ Ability to use computers and communication networks. Proficient in Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) 

~ Ability to make oral and written reports; maintain records, and distribute information in an orderly manner 

~ Ability to read a variety of records, reports, policies and procedures manuals, codes, professional journals, etc., in moderately complex technical terminology 

~ Ability to communicate with diverse groups of people 

~ Ability to establish and maintain effective, courteous working relationships with public officials, peers, other Divisions and departments as well as the general public 

~ Ability to possess the skills to build consensus among citizens and/or groups 

~ Ability to deal with confrontational situations with courtesy and a calm demeanor and perform under pressure when confronted with emergencies and frequent deadlines 

Qualifications, Training and Experience: REQUIRED:
~ One (1) year experience in code compliance or an enforcement related field 

~ Florida Association of Code Enforcement Officer Level 1 certification 


~ Ability to obtain Florida Association of Code Enforcement Officer Level 1 certification within one (1) year of permanent employment 

~ Valid driver”s license 

~ Prior experience with Beach Code Enforcement 
$12.04 – $16.59

Walton County, FL – 1 day ago  report job
Save this job

Guess what,….you can make more “flipping burgers”, or actually washing dishes!!!

So, if you drove to a Fast Food Drive-up for a burger or fries, how would you feel if the guy behind the window, with the silly paper hat was YOUR “Code Enforcement Officer” for your brand new “Vacation home” on the Emerald Coast” that you are paying $2.359,000.00?

Perhaps not today, but three years from now when the stucco, begins to “delaminates”, or when a routine inspection of your property shows you have sucked up almost half the water in the “Gulf of Mexico” because your walls are so porous or your home has three or four “heat pump” units and it’s still hotter than Hades and your thermostat ids hemorrhaging because it is simply not strong enough, and a simple test with an ultra-red detector, (FLIR) camera says your walls are located with water moisture because the insulation is inferior,throughout the entire house!!!!

For $12.45 an hour the Building Inspector gets paid,…..don’t be surprised!!

I rest my case!!!

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