Posted by: guinness222 | February 25, 2019

I’m glad I’m 74,…….but I am sorrier than you can imagine for it!!!

Yesterday I celebrated my 74th birthday, and for the first time in my life I am “deathly” afraid as to whether my 75th (February 22, 2020) will ever occur, at least in the form I know it today!

The world today is the way it is,…..but my COUNTRY is just not, anymore!!!!

We used to have values, pride, and self esteem,…..but no more!

We used to be proud and respect and honor our country and it’s representative symbols, our flag, our pledge allegiance to it, and of course our elected officials, (which we of course could change at the next election if we found them inadequate to the task. BUT most importantly our PRIDE in THE PEOPLE of OUR COUNTRY!

But no more, it seems it is “NOT POLITICALLY RIGHT, NOT GLOBALLY RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH, NOT COMPASSIONATE enough, and more importantly we’re not a “part of the imaginary Global Village” we live in, as defined by ,…….OK, you tell me!!!!

I’ve been writing since I was 14 years old, ……am I any good? Who knows, BUT it is not only my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to write, ….but I’d do it anyway!! And if you try and stop me,…..well in the vernacular, “you best come “heavy”, as Uncle Junior in the Sopranos said. There is RIGHT, and there is WRONG, but we’ve lost that ability to discern that for ourselves and correct it!! Therefore we let the whimpering, non-productive parts of OUR COUNTRY tell us how bad we are as a “expletive” and a country,…That’s not my country, when our press decides who’s right or wrong and who we should vote for or not, AND HOW WE SHOULD THINK ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!

We are looking to “coronate”, not freely “ELECT “a leader. They want a leader for our country to hail their “equality for all and justice for everyone living! (Assuming that fetuses are not part of the “everyone” since the lie being told seems to be passing the threshold of if you say it often enough it becomes the accepted truth!!)

I see virtually no way we can avoid another CIVIL WAR as we currently stand! What has happened in 232+ years that created that kind of vitriol, and justification for stupidity? You and I don’t need to go over every grievance out there or any new and “imaginary” grievances which are replacing what flys in the face of common sense a concrete, real, and justified grievances. WE ARE HUMAN, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES how about we work together on that,….not build and create more “crap” and reasons to be irrational and unable to come together?

When I say “CIVIL WAR”, I’m not talking about segregation and total prejudice ever, we’ve already crossed THAT bridge,…..or have we?

The Blacks in America gained freedom in 1864 with the declarations of Abraham Lincoln, it was further codified by the Civil Rights Act in 1965, and the truckloads of subsequent laws and regulations, not to mention the mandated elimination of the “subtle rules” and equal rights in education, at ALL levels on a more than equal footing of all applicants and candidates. We fostered and pushed for more government participation and urged “common consensus and sense” for the past 54 years!!

Now , there is a faction that has deemed “REPARATIONS” a “right”, and Socialism seems to be, THE solution, College Tuition should be free, healthcare should be free, a decided upon EVERYTHING, by the “collective”, and provided for by the government, or “anointed leader” of that government! to only is it stupid, but by which “yardstick” are you making that decision? Explain that to me please!

All I have is one question, “WHO’S GOING TO PAY FOR IT ALL??” The great country of RUSSIA tried it, and it has failed, virtually every other “third world” country has as well, and it still doesn’t work. We have provided TRILLIONS of American dollars since the dawn of the twentieth century, to virtually everyone who took the step to “the only RIGHT way to operate a country” ,…….and they have ALL failed. Today look at Venezuela, Cuba, and another place on earth!

First you tax the rich far more so they can be “equally responsible”, then you tax the business sector so they can be responsible, then you try and get aid from all the other great (?) socialist nations who are concerned for your plight ,…..and your back to square one where ALL the governments no longer work, leaders are gone, business people are gone, corporations are gone,……and your country is GONE!!!

At that point you are back to where we came from,…..TRIBES! And the only way they can survive is to rape, pillage and burn the land and natural resources, At some point a new born child will survive and grow to the point of concluding “WE CAN’T EXIST LIKE THIS, WE MUST SIT DOWN AND RESOLVE ALL THINGS SO ALL WILL SURVIVE!!

Boil it all down and we still have Fire, The Wheel, and Hunting and Farming!

Think about it,………what else is there!!


February 25,2019

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