Posted by: guinness222 | March 4, 2019

Is the whole world going insane??? I’m seriously worried!

I’m living in a VERY bad movie!! All the sanity, purpose, and principles of the world are on a “whatever” basis!!

I feel, at 74 years young, that I am (as the Australians say “Stuffed”!) BUT WHY???

I am a believer in our Constitution, after volunteering for six years, OF MY LIFE, in our military, U.S, Navy to be specific, during the height of the Vietnam Nam War, Living within our laws, constitution, and the laws of the States we’ve chosen to live in since 1962, when I really became an “ADULT”. Growing up and trying to make good decisions, learning teamwork and being a “part” of something, learning to compete and lose, (humility, not participation trophies, are the things we need today!

But today it seems like nothing matters anymore, ….sure I was in the Navy for six years. I never questioned an order from a superior, or an officer, and for the most part followed the laws,except those relative to taxation, (which to me were flat ass wrong or usurious, specifically the payment thereof!! (Remember it was a “temporary” thing in 1913, to fund World War I,…..but strange about those “temporary” taxes, they are still there, gotten larger, far more complex than what the average man can comprehend,…..oh yeah! And GOD help you if you don’t file, or pay them! (Little known fact, it is not illegal NOT to pay your taxes, but it IS ILLEGAL not to FILE them!)

But I squared away with the “leeches” of the IRS in the early 2000’s and became a “good citizen”, (again) and depicted the fact but I still think it is still wrong and we are being continuously “raped and pillaged” by a “CAREER” cadre of true “un-Americans and leeches!! (So sue me!!)

Where did I learn my “responsibilities” for becoming an Adult? Three places, my parents, my schooling, and my time growing up and participating in “Team Activities!”

It was determined early on I was not an athlete, nor a future “professional”( ie. Doctor, Lawyer, or Financial Professional). I was always Robin Hood’s greatest fan and advocate. As I grew older it became apparent that it was a “them and us” environment, and the “overlords and Controllers” were indeed the enemy that would choke the life, spirit and every other aspect of our citizenry either out of them, and actually CHOKE them to death as well!!

I was just browsing the “web” and reading a New York Times article entitled, “Nursing Homes are closing across Rural America, Scattering residents!” It is the most depressing piece I’ve read in years!! Much like a “Rubic’s Cube”, …..only with NO possible solution!!

As I read on I found a reference to an article on Maine Nursing Homes,….well since I lived in Maine and New Hampshire for years, owned businesses there and was a supporter of it’s hard working older people! I NEVER REALIZED THE PROBLEM WAS that bad! Now I live here in the famed “American Elephant Burial Grounds” (FLORIDA) and I became very curious , so I followed the “tags” and got to the article.

That was even more depressing!! “Maine’s nursing homes have been fighting to survive since 2012!” Not depressed or scared yet, ….try this fact: Maine the oldest State in the Nation , is now home to 94 Nursing Homes, and Since 1995 the State has lost nearly 40 of them. !!!!! That’s 43% of the total! ALMOST HALF!!!

OK, now it’s really got my attention. Just looking at the fact that it’s Maine, let’s look at Maine for a minute. It is the first total “food basket” of our country, Vegetables, (Potatoes, but much more as well) Fishing, even to this day Cod, Haddock, Lobster, Clams, Scallops, not to mention all the fish like Tuna, and the people and conditions in which they did it!! (Watch the old 1937 Classic “Captains Courageous” with a young Spencer Tracy, or for you “young’uns”, “WICKED TUNA”.) Oh!, did I forget to mention all the vacation properties and “cottages” and the literally “HUNDREDS” of children’s Summer camps, and it’s rich History of American History, and suffering and sacrifice! (John Hancock actually had a warehouse in Kennebunkport where he had goods and managed them to maximize his advantage, collecting them and shipping them into Boston, when pricing was more favorable for him.)

Just the history alone justifies it as an “ageing” population, and the advancements that allowed these folks the ability to be the “edible” foundation of New England which allowed the early “Americans” to take on King George and the entire British Empire at their strongest to establish. Our own damn Country!

But let’s get back to reality. What’s next!

According to society it’s natural progression is “Euthanasia”! When WE can’t “afford” to take care of our own any more, ….(in spite of the facts that THEY were instrumental in developing that which allows us to BE older) , so the next step is to “help” them “Pass” when they meet certain “Criteria” adjudged to be “the reasonable length of life and usefulness”!!!!

I OBJECT,…..strongly and unequivocally!!!!

I am one of the “OLD FARTS”, you are deciding to render “PASSED“!! I’m not going to go on and verify or justify my existence to you, so relax!

What I am saying is consider this progression of “society” and tell me the outcome!!

In 1973 WE the PEOPLE allowed Wade vs Roe to stand in our Supreme Court as part of “The Law of the Land”. Since then over 54, 000, 000 abortions have been performed (legally), but to the accounting the illegal ones and the “extenuating circumstances” ,ie rape or anything else ( and recently we even allowed abortion up until the and INCLUDING the BIRTH of the baby!!) that could be “justified”,…that’s a bunch more!

Now as we stand, if we allow “euthanasia” to include “us” and to include LEGALLY those with mental deficiencies, those who are not the “blue eyed blond” prototypes that couples want, or what ever their desires want for genetic traits,…..well let’s also consider the other end of the spectrum! At what point do people start “losing their value to society”, and becoming “those needing to be allowed to “pass” quietly at what “your age, or someone, or some thing” decides, is the right “criteria allowing “US” to decide to let them cease to exist!

Is it the burden they pose, or the “medical” cost required to keep them alive, or simply an “expiration date” that has been reached?

So as a “Grandpa, a “Bamp”, or whatever I am called I am disgusted and DEMAND we return to our original roots, ….as GOD FEARING people!!

I don’t have any delusions that if I do not “pass away” in my sleep, it will be in the system….

Think about it, WHAT ABOUT YOU?


March 4, 2019

Tom Corcoran Age 74 !!

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