Posted by: guinness222 | March 7, 2019

I love humor in politics!!

Last night my wife and I attended a meeting of the Walton County (FL) Republican Party. I joined several years ago but have a very difficult time of considering “local” politics nothing but a “yawner”, plus having followed them for DECADES in the New England area which we lived, (which included “Boston,Massachusetts”, the PHD of political shenanigans, and always memorable politicians. It’s the City which brought you “Tip” O’Neal, Speaker of the House, John F, Robert F, and Ted Kennedy, James Michael Curley (read the Biography which is a classic, entitled “The Last Hurrah”, Kevin White, former Mayor of Boston as well, and James Bulger, once President of the Massachusetts Senate and University of Massachusetts, as well as “Whitey” Bulger, the recently deceased head of the Apple Hill gang and murderer, as well as #1 on the FBI Most Wanted List for years!

But aside from Colorful characters, it was an education in how to buy a position, get a “favor”, and how to have everyone of your deceased relatives voting for decades to come! And where both the Apple Hillgang (Irish Mafia), and the infamous Raymond Patriaca, head of the Mafia Families and organization in New England was just as storied as Al Capone!

It took a lot of thinking and common sense to avoid the “easy money”, (and I firmly believe most of the time the only real “no-no” was drugs. It was relegated to the “blacks”, because of the danger of attention and notarization,….The way the gangster life should be, “insurance”, “local wagering”, making “book”, and running the “Numbers” (an interesting nickel, dime wagering scheme for housewives, tradesmen, and everybody! You had a dime you could bet “the Number”. Interestingly enough the mob figured aa way to publish the number in the daily papers with a slightly “suduko” way to find out if you won, and how much you won. Sounds “penny-ante” but it was simple, every butcher, corner store, cobbler and cleaners took the money, AND made the payouts, they took a cut from the collections as their “percentage” for doing it, and a “collector” would drop by and pick up the bet slips and the “cut” for the mob. It’s nickname was “The Nigger pool”, because they were the biggest betters, since they weren’t allowed at the track, or anywhere else where they could bet. “The numbers racket” still runs today, but it’s “small potatoes” compared to the rest of the “fund raising” schemes of the bad guys, and a “political hookup” was always helpful and could be arranged. Your Brother-in-law need a job, say the word and “make a donation”, POOF! A City career at $45-50 thousand a year AND benefits, and virtually impossible to be fired!

But I stray from last night. One of the reasons we went was that Ron Hart was the guest speaker, he has a syndicated column in 136 newspaper, write a lot of “tongue in cheek” and spicy comments etc. Look him up he’s well worth the read!

Politically he is a “Libertarian”, which is where I tend to lean anyhow. Libertarian is sort of a powerful “fringe” party that you never know exactly which way they are going, ie. Democratic, or Republican ,…..except it MUST be under the Strict interpretation of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, regardless. Both the Republican and Democratic Party tend “flex” the law to fit their ideology, as opposed to by the “Letter of the Law”. Check out Ron Paul Sr., as well as Ron Paul Jr. (currently a Senator in the Government from Kentucky.

But again I deviated. Libertarians are the “Wild Card” in most issues and love the position as it keeps their ideology alive. As a Rule they are VERY intelligent, “shoot straight”, and can be “spoilers” but in my humble opinion ” IMHO” for Facebook and Texting addicts, they are the only real THINKING folks we have, and can not be bought, coerced, or persuaded to go against their core beliefs.

But back to last night, Ron was there in jeans, plaid shirt and blue blazer in Sneakers. Now you understand what a Libertarian “looks like” (you walk the walk ad talk the talk,…..not “dress for success” and fitting in a “party mold”).

He spoke for about ten minutes, his notes in magic marker just scrawled on a bunch of white ruled paper, but it was not a “script”, just a few general comments. Then he called for questions,…..and everything he had to say had a little “hook” of humor in the comment of the answer. It was really like sitting in your living room with a few neighbors and a local neighbor having “cocktail” discussions.

And by the Way. Ron Lives here on the Emerald Coast as well, so as a “resident” here in on the “Emerald Coast” he really is a neighbor!

But that’s what I did last night, ….and I asked him if a “Term Limits” change to the Congress (both the House and the Senate) would solve this totally “congested” and Pretentious Congress and we could get something done.

No big long round about, conditional, supposition answer, simply,….”SURE”!

No I didn’t ask ” How do we get there?” Because the answer can only be one way a Constitutional Convention under the terms of the Constitution. READ IT. It is in “Article V”, and to have it all that is required is that 2/3’s of the States, calls for it. Then the Constitution can be changed with only a majority vote of the STATES!!!


Gotta do more research on it, but THAT’s What we need to do to claim the United States back from the Liberals and the insanity that was NEVER anticipated by the Founding Fathers.

March 7, 2019

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