Posted by: guinness222 | March 17, 2019

“,………and here we are four years later,…so what happened!

About 5 years minus one day, because the 22nd Of February was my 70th year on this “big blue marble” we call the earth, and I was going back through old blogs and I came up with one from February 23, 2015, which I wrote as a response to all the birthday well wishes I had received on my Facebook page that past week.

As I re-read it even I was astounded at what I had written. It was basically a chronicle of the major things that had gone on in my life since I first breathed life, after the proverbial “smack on the butt” by the Doctor. It was like a personal observance of events that I was literally “there for”, but not a true witness to but, a simply a bystander for them.

So maybe I should start writing five year updates since then for every four or five years the good Lord allows me to hang out here on the “marble”. Hope you enjoy this, the past four year update.

My only real “regret” is that I waited until I was 70 to start doing this, life is “,…..water under the dam”, and we live it, but in retrospect it is truly epic. I urge everyone to start this habit, but start at 25 or thirty! It represents a full multi night documentary for your family, friends and anyone who reads it! Besides which it is YOUR life recorded for posterity, for better or for worse. Not what “YOU” did, but what was going on in the world, the country, the city r town you live in! Enjoy yourself and let me know if I can help you any.

I’m preparing to start a “Podcast” in the coming year so that by this time next year you may be able to listen to this on iPhone Airbuds, or whatever is around then! Good Luck,….and remember your truth of your life is really what you experienced and what was meaningful to you, at ALL levels since they are YOUR levels,not mine, not my children, not my grandparents,…..but YOUR’s be true to it,….and I’ll still be smiling!

And as the “tag line” on my blog ( says,…”you are not responsible for your luck,….but YOU are for your life!!”

Keep you posted on the “podcast” but I am getting excited! ” From me, to world events, political, sports, people and what is going on ,…’s my take on it!!”

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